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In the world of branding, companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition and connect with their customers in new and exciting ways.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the latest rebrands and upgrades from some of the biggest names in business, as well as sharing some interesting insights on brand management and how you can make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

SmartBranding’s Reports

Exploring Domain Name Choices for Deep Tech Companies

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, deep tech companies are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. In this study we analyzed the domain name choices of these cutting-edge firms. The findings reveal that 62% of deep tech companies opt for .com domains, while 22% prefer .ai, showcasing the importance of a strong, recognizable online presence. As these businesses continue to shape our future, their domain name choices reflect their dedication to establishing trust and credibility in the highly competitive technology sector. Check more insights and trends in the ever-evolving world of deep tech here.

Domain Name Choices of 2022’s Top 100 Most Inspiring Brands

We explored the domain name choices of the Top 100 Most Inspiring Brands of 2022, as ranked by Wunderman Thompson. Unsurprisingly, the .com extension remains dominant, with a staggering 92% of these brands choosing it for their online identity. This highlights the continued importance of a memorable and trustworthy digital presence for companies striving to inspire consumers. As we celebrate the achievements of these influential brands, their domain name choices serve as a testament to the power of a strong online identity in connecting with audiences and cultivating brand loyalty.

Women-Founded Brands: Naming Strategies That Empower

As women entrepreneurs continue to break barriers, their unique naming strategies are key to creating a strong, lasting brand identity. Here we looked at the naming strategies employed by women-founded brands. Among the most common strategies, we found the use of evocative names, coined words, and personal connections to convey authenticity and vision. Check the rest of our findings here.

Naming the Change: Nonprofit Organizations and Domain Name Choices

We looked at the domain name choices of nonprofit organizations, uncovering unique trends in this sector. Interestingly, nonprofits gravitate towards domain extensions that reflect their missions, such as .org, which is associated with credibility and social impact. This choice emphasizes their commitment to driving positive change and resonating with their target audiences. As nonprofits navigate the digital landscape, their strategic domain name selections help create a meaningful online presence that aligns with their goals.

Beyond the Ordinary: Comparing Yachts and Premium Domains as Exclusive Investments

Explore the exclusive world of yacht and premium domain investments with SmartBranding’s latest article. This in-depth analysis compares the unique benefits and drawbacks of each option, providing valuable insights for seasoned investors and those just starting to consider their options. Don’t miss the chance to expand your knowledge and potentially add a one-of-a-kind investment to your portfolio.


PublishingLife Rebrands and Invests in After Rapidly Growing its Customers Base

PublishingLife, a company that offers a range of publishing services, has acquired the domain as part of its rebranding efforts. The acquisition of the exact brand match domain name is a wise move that provides users with trust and credibility while demonstrating that the company is serious about helping customers earn additional income.

Portal Evolves into Copilot, Secures $10 Million to Bring Innovative Digital Customer Experiences to Service Businesses

Portal, a leading platform for digital customer experiences, has evolved into CoPilot and has secured $10 million in funding to enhance its capabilities and deliver innovative digital solutions to service businesses. The company aims to provide its clients with a comprehensive suite of tools and features that will enable them to create and manage personalized customer experiences at scale. CoPilot’s advanced platform is expected to revolutionize the service industry and drive growth for businesses by offering cutting-edge digital solutions.

Tilney Smith & Williamson Consolidated Its Brands Under a New Name Evelyn Partners

Tilney Smith & Williamson, a prominent investment management and professional services company, has rebranded and consolidated its brands under the name Evelyn Partners. The move is aimed at streamlining the company’s operations and strengthening its position in the market, while also providing a simplified and unified approach to its investment management and professional services businesses.

BELIGAS Rebrands to A Strategic Move to Enhance Communication and Expand Services

BELIGAS, a social enterprise founded during the pandemic crisis, has evolved into, a multi-service provider used by 17,000 monthly customers at its peak. Originally providing cooking gas to those who lost their jobs during the lockdown, the company has expanded its services and rebranded to better communicate with its customers.

Creating a Powerful Online Identity through Rebranding and a Desirable Domain Name: The NCX Journey from SilviaTerra to

In this post, we explore how NCX, a provider of data-driven forest management solutions, rebranded and acquired the premium domain name to better serve its customers and enhance its online identity. Read more and learn from their experience.

Azuronaut Rebrands to Cocentric Matching the Company’s Growth and Brand Evolution Over the Years

Azuronaut, leading digital employee experience company, has changed its name to Cocentric. The rebrand involves developing a new corporate wordmark – a play on the words collaborate, communicate, and centric – to indicate how Cocentric connects organizations via a human-centric approach. Learn more about the company’s rebrand.


Stacked’s Journey from .gg to .com: Setting the Stage for a User-Friendly Gaming Experience

Stacked, the newly founded video streaming platform for gaming-related content, has upgraded from the .gg domain extension to a .com domain to improve its online presence and enhance user experience.

From Compromise to Premium: 100+ Businesses That Upgraded to Their Perfect Domain Name

In the digital world, a domain name is the first point of contact between a business and its customers. A poorly chosen domain name can hinder a company’s online success, while a premium domain name can significantly enhance its online presence, customer engagement, and brand recognition. Upgrading from a compromise domain to a premium domain is a strategic move that many businesses have successfully implemented. To demonstrate the value of premium domain names, we have compiled a list of 100+ companies that have undergone the transition and experienced a positive impact on their business.

SmartBranding’s Podcasts

From Boutique to Brand: Ksenia’s Journey of Personal Branding in Luxury Jewellery

In this episode of SmartBranding’s podcast series, we talk to Ksenia, founder of a luxury jewellery boutique, as she shares her journey of transforming her boutique into a successful brand through personal branding. She discusses how she used social media, events, and collaborations to grow her business, and offers valuable insights on how to build a strong personal brand in the luxury industry. Listen to the podcast to learn more about Ksenia’s inspiring journey.

The Art of Managing Multiple Personas and Brands: Insights from Mark Herschberg

In this episode, we learn from Mark Herschberg, author of “The Career Toolkit,” about the art of managing multiple personas and brands. Herschberg shares his insights on how to maintain authenticity across different personal and professional brands, and offers tips on how to navigate the challenges of managing a diverse online presence. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or simply someone with a variety of interests, Herschberg’s insights on personal branding are sure to be valuable.

Exploring the Psychology of Brand Love with Professor Aaron Ahuvia

In this episode of SmartBranding’s podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of brand love with the renowned expert, Professor Aaron Ahuvia. Discover how emotional connections with brands can impact consumer behavior and learn valuable insights to boost your brand’s appeal.

In Other News

Here are the stories from other publications that caught our attention.

Don’t Call It ‘Crypto’: How Some Blockchain and NFT Projects are Rebranding

In an effort to distance themselves from the volatility and controversy often associated with cryptocurrencies, some blockchain and NFT projects are undergoing strategic rebranding. These projects aim to highlight their broader use cases and innovative applications beyond the crypto realm.

Twitter’s Confounding Golden Check System: Which Beauty Brands Have it and Which Ones Don’t

Golden Check System, which is still somewhat of a mystery, is a way for Twitter to distinguish verified accounts from those not. Only a select few beauty brands have been granted the coveted golden check, leaving many others wondering what they need to do to earn it. This article delves into the topic, exploring which beauty brands have received the golden check and what it means for those that haven’t.

What do Lyft and Krispy Kreme Have in Common? This—and Consumers Hate it

A recent study by Fast Company sheds light on the impact of misspelled brand names on consumer behavior. The findings reveal that even small spelling errors can greatly affect consumer perception and purchasing decisions

Quote of the Week

For the 25+ years I’ve been emailing, I’d say close to 95% of those email began with some variation of “Hey [Name]”. So when it came time to think about a name for a new email system we’d be building, HEY was a natural. 

Jason Fried, Founder of

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