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The Art of Managing Multiple Personas and Brands: Insights from Mark Herschberg
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Today our guest is Mark Herschberg, a skilled executive with cybersecurity expertise capable of connecting business and technology. He has experience launching, expanding, and reviving startup companies in various sectors and has supported two Fortune 500 firms with their startup initiatives. Mark has contributed to the development of academic programs at MIT and HBS. He has built several marketplaces for labour, lead generation, video, content, and finance. 

Meet our guest

Name: Mark Herschberg

What they do: Mark offers his services as a fractional CTO/CPO. However, he is open to the prospect of full-time CPTO work, provided the right opportunity comes along. He has a particular preference for cybersecurity, healthcare, or IoT sectors.

Fun fact: Back in 1992, a friend of Mike’s introduced him to the worldwide web, which only had a handful of thousand websites at the time. Upon discovering this new technological landscape, Mike was immediately struck by its limitless possibilities and likened it to the untamed Wild West. He initially entertained the idea of buying domain names, but quickly dismissed it as he saw no inherent value in owning mere names without any underlying natural resources or physical presence. It was only much later that he came to realise the true potential and value of domain names and regretted not taking action when he had the chance.

Where to reach them:


It’s unfortunate that our education system is set up for technical skills such as engineering and internet usage and mechanical skills like writing or history while placing less emphasis on the vital “soft skills” that make technical knowledge more applicable and effective. I hope our education system changes, but it might take a few decades. These essential skills can make us more effective in our careers regardless of age; thus, we need to develop them on our own if we are not receiving sufficient training through formal education or from our employers.

Mark Herschberg

Short overview

Mark manages multiple personas and brands, including being a CTO with a focus on cybersecurity, an author who emphasises professional skills development in his book, The Career Toolkit, and the creator of Brain Bump, where he discusses branding and media. In our conversation, Mark shares how he handles these varied roles and his approach to acquiring domain names for each of his brands. He also talks about his experiences with domain names in general, including his earliest memories of the World Wide Web in 1992. Mark also shares his thoughts on the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to naming and domain names. We discuss The Career Toolkit, his unique book, what inspired him to write it and who can benefit from it. Mark also shares his exciting plans for the upcoming year at the end of our podcast, so you won’t want to miss it!

We host engaging conversations about naming, branding, and entrepreneurship, exploring everything from initial triumphs to the hurdles along the way. If you’ve got insights on innovative branding strategies, lessons learned from entrepreneurial ventures, or thoughts on the significance of a solid domain name strategy, and you’re keen to chat about them, we’d love to hear from you!

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