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How Direct Navigation and Exact Brand Match (EBM) Domains Combat Google’s Growing Influence

Investing in an EBM domain simplifies the user experience and directly affects major key metrics like customer acquisition cost, lifetime value and more.

How to Name a Unicorn?

As we explore the journey from an idea to a unicorn-status company, let’s see how naming and domain choices evolve at each stage, addressing trends and challenges that can influence a startup’s trajectory.

Thinking of Rebranding Your Business? 12 Signs That It's Time

Changing the name of your business is a big decision, but sometimes it’s the best move forward.

Unlocking Branding Potential: The Creative Use of Domain Names

Here are some examples of leading companies creatively utilising domain names to their advantage, setting new benchmarks in digital branding.

Barbie and Mattel: A Tale of Brand Protection and Market Leadership

As 2023 comes to a close, one movie shines brightly in the world of cinema. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to deny that the Barbie movie has made a significant impact in record time. This film boldly addresses important social issues like identity, self-acceptance, and challenging societal norms. It also sheds light […]

Ceridian's Bold Move: Rebranding to Dayforce and the Power of Naming Your Brand After Your Main Service

In the fast-paced world of business, staying relevant and memorable is key to success. One way to achieve this is through a clever and strategic rebranding effort. Case in point: Ceridian’s recent decision to rebrand itself as “Dayforce.” This bold move not only reflects the company’s evolving focus but also highlights the power of naming […]

Top 10 Rebranding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Here are the top ten critical mistakes that entrepreneurs make during rebranding and what you can do instead to prevent them.

I don’t need to invest in a domain name, everyone finds me on Google anyway…or do they?

Here are some highlights that will make you think twice about investing in a strong domain name and building an independent brand on it.

How did Stripe get its name?

Back in 2010, two brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick Collison, were joined by Greg Brockman to start a business that we all know today as Stripe.

10 Notable Rebrands in 2021

2021 was definitely a tough year for global brands, and the pandemic is not the only reason. More than ever, our decisions to buy something or not are not just based on the qualities or price of a product but also on what a brand stands for. We demand from companies to be genuine, we […]

Cognitive Biases Applied to Domain Names

A cognitive bias by definition is a systematic error in thinking that affects how we judge the information we receive, and so the decisions we make as a result. We have that ability to create our own subjective reality based on our perception of the information input from the world around us. It is usually […]

Branding a product good for health with respect for our planet - the story of ODONTELLA

ODONTELLA is the producer of the world’s first marine microalgae authorized for human consumption. The ODONTELLA company was created in 2016 on the basis of the scientific and nutritional knowledge of Dr Alain Guillou. The CEO is Patrick de Bossoreille. ODONTELLA is developing a range of foods produced from marine algae and microalgae – a […]

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