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Unlocking Branding Potential: The Creative Use of Domain Names
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 7 min read

Domain names are powerful branding tools, a statement of identity, and, in some cases, a stroke of creative genius. Companies like Netflix, Verisign, and Google have leveraged the art of domain name selection to create and enhance their brand presence, streamline user experience, protect their digital assets and launch powerful and effective PR campaigns. 

Here are some examples of leading companies creatively utilising domain names to their advantage, setting new benchmarks in digital branding.

Netflix’s Enhances User Experience with

Netflix’s is a clever answer to a common issue streaming enthusiasts face. Frustrations with poor performance are usually rooted in internet connectivity rather than the streaming service itself. Netflix recognised this challenge and took proactive steps to address it. The core purpose of, which offers a speedy and straightforward internet speed test, is remarkably uncomplicated yet highly efficient.

We want our members to have a simple, quick, commercial-free way to estimate the speed their ISP is providing.


The domain name is short, easy to recall, and perfectly descriptive of the service it provides. The subtle inclusion of the “powered by Netflix” logo at the bottom of the page reinforces the connection to Netflix, transforming the platform from a utility tool into a pathway that could lead curious users to explore Netflix’s main offerings, an excellent example of soft marketing.

In the broader context of Netflix’s business strategy, aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to deliver high-quality streaming content. It positions Netflix as a thoughtful and user-centric brand dedicated to ensuring that users can enjoy their content without disruptions caused by internet issues. 

Verisign boosting brand engagement with and

Verisign, renowned for its domain name registration and internet security expertise, employs a notably innovative approach using and 

These domains act as comprehensive resources advocating for .com domains. Verisign builds trust with its audience by providing valuable, free information, subtly guiding them from information seekers to potential clients.

The domain name choices underscore Verisign’s knack for effective online communication. appeals to those considering an online presence, emphasising a personalised approach to domain selection. exudes action, catering to the simplicity desired in the digital age. These names are easy to remember, enhancing brand recall and engagement.

Google Reclaiming Lost Traffic with

Google expanded its domain portfolio with, a frequent typo made by users attempting to visit Google’s search engine.’s complex history posed a threat to Google’s brand integrity, leading the company to secure related domains like and Acquiring these domains was challenging, involving a complex arbitration case. 

Google’s investment in,, and marks a critical step in safeguarding its brand. 

These domains now redirect users who mistype the URL, effectively capturing a significant audience. In July 2022 alone, received an impressive 466,800 visits, according to SimilarWeb, underscoring the importance of these domains in redirecting potentially lost traffic to the correct Google site.

Cirque du Soleil Audience Engagement with 

Cirque du Soleil, renowned for its spectacular blend of circus arts and street entertainment, has secured the domain name for one of its most ambitious productions. Staged at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Kà tells a captivating tale of love, conflict, and the duality of Kà—a mystical fire.

Ka spectacle is prominently featured on billboards and banners, and the use of a short domain like plays a key role in its advertising effectiveness, ensuring that it’s easily memorable and efficient in directing traffic, offering a stark and advantageous contrast to the more lengthy It is a testament to Cirque du Soleil’s foresight in integrating their online strategy with their artistic vision.

Cirque du Soleil Audience Engagement with 

Attracting Attention to Important Causes with and Activista

Attracting Attention to Important Causes with and Activista

Activista, a forward-thinking creative agency dedicated to fostering positive change through advertising, launched an ingenious campaign for Earth Day 2021 that sparked a global conversation about prioritising our planet. This campaign was a direct response to the growing discourse around Elon Musk’s ambitions to colonise Mars, prompting experts to question if our resources would be better invested in Earth.

On Earth Day, Activista cleverly shifted the spotlight from Mars back to Earth. They strategically placed a provocative message in front of SpaceX headquarters: “Mars Sucks.” The domain name played a key role in the success of Activista’s campaign. It got the campaign’s point across in a fun yet straightforward way, grabbing the attention of the audience. The campaign quickly soared in popularity, capturing widespread attention with over 50 articles discussing the topic.  

In our interview with the founder Paco Conde, we talk about how the idea for Mars Sucks was born and executed and touch on what brands need to do in order to survive and thrive in a world where consumers are not impressed by pretty packaging and words but hold you accountable for your actions.

Coca-Cola’s Creative Use of Domains in Marketing Campaigns

Coca-Cola shows impressive skills in online branding by smartly collecting domain names for their major products and brands like and, including versions that are spelt wrong, too. The company creatively uses them in a range of exciting and engaging marketing campaigns.

Two standout examples of Coca-Cola’s inventive domain usage include and The now-concluded campaign capitalised on the universal sound of refreshment, effectively linking this simple, relatable expression to the Coca-Cola experience. Coca-Cola’s “Ahh” campaign was unique in its approach to domain registration, securing 61 different domain names. These varied from to a version with 60 ‘h’s, ensuring that any search with ‘ahh’ leads to their campaign site. revolutionised personalised marketing by enabling customers to customise Coke bottles with their names. The domains offered a direct, engaging platform for consumers, turning the act of enjoying a Coke into a unique and fun experience. 

Online presence and user experience are paramount, making the art of domain name selection an important factor in shaping businesses’ identities and achieving their goals. Entrepreneurs’ common mistake is not being imaginative enough with their domain names. Incorporating innovation into domain name selection, whether boosting brand engagement, preventing traffic loss, or expanding the market reach, the creative use of domain names can be a great tool of modern business strategy. A Creative Twist in Legal Marketing by Payas Law

Payas, Payas & Payas, LLP has taken a creative leap in their digital approach with the launch of – a bold, relatable statement that immediately communicates its mission.

Selecting a domain name that doubles as both a call to action and a promise,, and backing it with a powerful front-page message – “Injured in an accident? Fighting for justice after an accident can feel like the match of your life, trading blows with an insurance company takes strength, skills, commitment, and endurance. Hire the law firm ready to come out of your corner…swinging.” – effectively cuts through the usual legal jargon to directly connect with those in need.

The strategic launch of as an extension to Payas’ main website,, deeply resonates with potential clients. Moving away from the format of a conventional legal domain, communicates in the language of the everyday person. It reaches out to those intimidated by legal battles, providing legal services infused with a determined fighting spirit. emerges as an approachable, action-oriented lighthouse, guiding those seeking justice through the complexities of the legal system.

A premium domain name is a powerful tool for businesses looking to establish a strong and professional online presence. If you’re ready to upgrade your brand and boost your online presence, contact us for more information on our premium domain name options and how they can help your business succeed.

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