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Jaci Russo from brandRUSSO: Talking about Branding Evolution and Growth
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Our guest for this episode is Jaci Russo, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in branding and marketing strategy. Jaci is known for pioneering the groundbreaking concept of Razor Branding™, a transformative approach that explores brand development from the inside out, and captivating audiences with her dynamic and relatable speaking style.

Meet our guest

Name: Jaci Russo

What they do: Jaci Russo is the CEO of brandRUSSO, a prestigious strategic branding agency located in Lafayette, Louisiana, and Founder of Brand State U and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s ULTRA Program. Jaci co-authors “He Said, She Said: Branding” and Podcast alongside her husband, Michael Russo.

Interesting fact: Jaci started her career at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, working with A-list actors and actresses. This experience in a high-profile agency right out of college provided her with unique insights into the entertainment industry and set the foundation for her later ventures.

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If I attribute anything to how we’ve been able to stay in business for 24 years and continue to grow, it’s adaptability. If you can’t adapt, you won’t make it.

Jaci Russo

Domain names matter. Having a clear, understandable domain name that represents who you are and what you do is more important than ever. If it’s confusing for customers, it’s a no-go. Always think from the perspective of your customer.

Jaci Russo

Short overview

Jaci Russo’s journey takes us from her work with celebrities in Los Angeles to establishing her own brand consulting firm in Louisiana. The company’s name, brandRUSSO, originated as OJ Media and evolved as the business expanded and diversified. Together with her husband, Michael, they have built the company’s foundation, concentrating on branding and crafting a distinct identity.

Spanning 25 years in advertising, Jaci highlights the transformation from conventional methods such as billboards and TV commercials to contemporary strategies like social media and influencer marketing.

Jaci opens up about the unique path she and her husband have walked, both personally and professionally. She underscores the significance of clearly defined roles within their marriage and joint business endeavour, emphasising how recognising each other’s strengths has been instrumental in their successful partnership.

We talk about the importance of clear, easy-to-understand domain names. Referring to the book “He Said, She Said: Branding,” Jaci stresses the importance of understanding the target audience’s demographics, psychographics, and pain points. Differentiation in branding is one of the key points of the conversation, highlighting the need to distinguish oneself from competitors while staying true to one’s authentic identity.

Looking ahead to 2024, Jaci eagerly anticipates further growth and improvements at brandRUSSO. Her goal is not only to refine their existing processes but also to enhance them, with a particular focus on integrating AI technology more deeply into the company’s operations.

Key moments

  • Branding and marketing with 25-year industry veteran Jaci Russo. (0:03)
  • Advertising evolution and effectiveness. (8:11)
  • Marriage, business partnership, and personal growth. (12:07)
  • Domain names and branding. (24:20)
  • Understanding clients’ needs and preferences in marketing campaigns. (28:13)
  • Branding and marketing strategies and growth in business.  (32:04)

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