Azuronaut rebrands to Cocentric matching the company's growth and brand evolution over the years

Azuronaut was founded in 2015 in response to the growing demand for workplace digital transformation services. The company improves the employee experience by combining partner and proprietary technologies to build collaboration and productivity tools from the bottom up, distinguishing itself as an industry leader in today’s hybrid working world. Azuronaut has swiftly established itself as […]

MicroAcquire drops the Micro - « time to think bigger! »

Microacquire was founded in 2020 with the mission to build a founder-friendly startup acquisition marketplace. The founder Andrew Gazdecki was inspired by his personal experience of selling a business. When I sold BusinessApps I literally had 10 friends of mine that are startup founders reach out to me. They’re like, ‘How did you sell your […]

MortgageHippo is changing its name to Revvin to reflect the company's strategic evolution

MortgageHippo, the leading low-code/no-code digital lending platform, recently announced a strategic rebrand adopting a new name, Revvin. The company stated that the new brand name was inspired and comes from the sound a high-performance engine makes when running at peak efficiency. Revvin better conveys the company’s mission to democratize technology for a world where every […]

Tetavi raises $15M and prepares for its next growth chapter with a rebrand to YOOM 

YOOM, formerly Tetavi, is an Israel-based deep tech firm that uses cutting-edge volumetric technology to bring real humans into the digital world. YOOM’s mission is to enable the creation of new, immersive content and experiences for the Metaverse and Web3. The company underwent a complete rebrand, changing its name, logo, and brand identity. The goal […]

Snapcommerce rebrands to Super after shifting from e-commerce to finance and launching a new product

Super is a mobile commerce platform that uses artificial intelligence to link price-conscious shoppers to the best online deals. The company has raised more than $100 million in venture-backed financing, reached $1 billion in sales, and has a net revenue of more than $100 million. The exciting story of Super goes back to 2016 when […]

Oil giant Schlumberger rebrands to SLB to match its new identity and ambitions for a lower carbon future

Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services provider, is rebranding itself as a technology company and changing its name to SLB emphasizing its focus on “driving energy innovation for a balanced planet”. Schlumberger has over 100-year-old history, the brand was originally named after its founders’ family name. Over the past century, the business has earned its […]

Edge Gaming rebrands to Ludeo providing easier access and the best gaming experience possible for its community    

Edge Gaming, an Israeli video game startup, recently announced a complete rebrand to Ludeo. This change reflects the company’s growth and ambition, as well as its dedication to providing the best gaming experience possible for its community. The company is known for its proprietary technology that allows anyone to cut their most exciting game moments […] becomes to reflect the wider audience the brand serves

Quillt owns and operates a growing portfolio of digital media properties aimed at informing and entertaining readers worldwide, intending to create niche sites with engaged audiences and strong communities. The company has recently announced that it is upgrading and renaming one of its prime website brands to  Our commitment to caregivers hasn’t wavered, […]

Vectorized takes pride in the popularity of its Redpanda product and renames the company accordingly

Vectorized was founded in 2019 by current CEO and co-founder Alexander Gallego to modernize streaming data. Redpanda was the name of the product developed. Alexander learnt that customers like and recognize the company by this name, so he made the executive decision to adopt the Redpanda name for the business as well. Redpanda has nothing […]

CSS Corp rebrands to Movate to signal internal transformation and good work done to the world

Founded in 1996, CSS Corp is a global customer experience and technology consulting services provider. CSS Corp underwent a strategic rebrand, changing its name to Movate to keep pace with the company’s business transformation and growth.  Today, we believe we have transformed into a human-centered technology and experiences company. However, our brand has not kept […]

Snowbot on the way to become a global intelligent yard service company with a rebrand to Yarbo

In 2017, Snowbot started with the idea of ​​creating a snow removal robot. After years of development and testing, in December 2021, the company unveiled its world’s first autonomous snow removal robot, the Snowbot S1.  In June, the company changed its name to Yarbo, entering a new era as a leader in the yard service […]

Dynamic Marketing Systems (DMS) reflects the firm's continued expansion and positioning for future growth with a rebrand to Truelio

Launched in 2003 as a print and marketing company, Dynamic Marketing Systems, or DMS, has grown over the years with its clients. 2022 has been a transformational period for the brand, as it continues to meet the evolving needs of their clients. In June, Tracy Murgash was appointed as Chief Operating Officer and Brian Fallers […]

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