Outgrowing the Name: FinancialForce Rebrands to Certinia to Emphasise a 'Single Source of Certainty'

FinancialForce, a leading platform for services businesses, has rebranded as Certinia to reflect the company’s transformation and the provision of a comprehensive Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) platform. 

Bookaway Group Consolidated Its Brands Under a New Name - Travelier

In April 2023, the company united its multiple subsidiaries under the new brand name, Travelier. This consolidation reflects the company’s dedication to providing a seamless and unified experience for travellers and suppliers alike, making it easier than ever to navigate the often fragmented ground and sea sector of the travel industry.

KAR Global Rebrands to OPENLANE Highlighting Transformation into Asset-Light Digital Marketplace with Customer-First Commitment

KAR Global, a leading provider of used vehicle remarketing services, has announced its rebrand to OPENLANE. The rebrand reflects the company’s transformation into a more asset-light digital marketplace and signals a commitment to a customer-first approach. The consolidation of platforms, offerings, and operations under the OPENLANE brand will help accelerate innovation and simplify the customer […]

Enhancing Engagement and Profitability: The Launch of Max"

Warner Bros. Discovery has invested in the premium exact brand match domain,, highlighting the importance of a solid naming and branding strategy in the competitive streaming industry.

Liberty Charge Rebrands to Believ to Better Reflect its Mission ‘Cleaner Air for All’

Liberty Charge, a leading operator of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, has unveiled its new identity as Believ. The rebrand is a strategic move to more accurately represent the company’s capabilities to provide a comprehensive range of charging speeds, to signal its expansion into the business sector, and to underscore its commitment towards promoting cleaner air for all.

CafeMedia and AdThrive Transform into Raptive, a New Kind of Creator Company

In April 2023, CafeMedia unveiled its comprehensive rebranding strategy, merging its three brands – AdThrive, CafeMedia, and CafeMedia Ad Management – into a single entity, Raptive. The refreshed brand identity materialises the company’s dynamic transition from an ad management network to a new kind of creator company, focused on fostering  creators into enduring global brands and thriving businesses. 

AcuityAds Rebrands to illumin, Paving a Way for Growth and Innovation

In April 2023, AcuityAds, a leading digital advertising software company with a focus on journey advertising, announced a significant change in its corporate identity. The company will now be known as illumin, a name derived from its flagship platform, launched back in 2020. Since its introduction, the illumin platform has achieved tremendous success, and the rebranding reflects the company’s mission to illuminate the path for brands to connect with their customers through the power of data-driven advertising.

TurnoverBnB Rebrands as Turno, Enhancing Brand Recognition and Driving Expansion

In February 2023, TurnoverBnB embraced a new identity as Turno, opting for a more streamlined name to boost brand recognition, foster growth, and align more closely with the company’s mission and vision.

Profit Software Becomes Evitec to Reflect Its Evolution and Drive New Growth Opportunities

Profit Software is a leading provider of system solutions and consulting services to the Nordic financial service industry. Originally established as a software-focused enterprise, Profit Software has since evolved to offer a multifaceted portfolio of services, including innovative products, point solutions, expert consulting services, and business intelligence solutions. 

Earning Designs Rebrands as EXDERA to Reflect its Advanced Expertise and Expanded Range of Services

EXDERA is the new name for Earning Designs, a renowned UI/UX design and development agency based in Bengaluru, India. The rebranding comes as a response to the company’s growth and evolution, as the original name no longer effectively conveyed the full scope of its comprehensive services. According to the statement, the previous name, Earning Designs, had become insufficient in representing the agency’s advanced expertise and diverse offerings, prompting the shift to the new, more encompassing identity of EXDERA.

SaltPay Rebrands to Teya on a Mission to Empower Every Business in Europe to Thrive 

Established in 2019, SaltPay is a comprehensive business solutions provider catering to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Europe. In April 2023, the company changed its name as Teya to better align with the comprehensive range of services it offers that go beyond simple payments. The new name, Teya (pronounced Tay-Uh), has Latin origins meaning “joy” and “happiness”.

From One to Three: Kellogg's Strategic Transformation Through Spin Off Companies

Founded in 1906 by brothers Will Keith Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA, the Kellogg Company (doing business as Kellogg’s) is a multinational food manufacturer that produces a wide range of snacks, breakfast and convenience foods. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was one of the earliest and most popular breakfast cereals in the […]

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