Reliable, essential and universal, now with a matching name - Axle Payments rebrands to Denim

Axle Payments is an NYC-based financial enablement platform for the freight and logistics industry. The company announced a $126 million Series B led by Pelion Venture Partners, comprising $26 million in equity funding and $100 million in debt financing.  Along with its new capital, the company also underwent a complete rebrand and changed its name […]

TreatADog takes leadership position in the booming pet industry with rebrand

TreatADog was founded by David Grimes, a college graduate at the time, who had an idea to launch dog treats monthly box subscription. As a long term dog lover and owner, David saw an opportunity in the growing pet market and threw himself into it. TreatADog seemed like a good name for the brand, so […]

Project Galaxy rebrands to Galxe, evolving from a "project" into a fully developed ecosystem

The developers of Project Galaxy have announced a rebranding to Galxe (pronounced GAL-X-E). The rebrand includes a brand new logo, a new domain name, and some exciting features coming soon.  Galxe, the world’s leading Web3 credential data network, has reached many milestones in 2021 and 2022. In light of its recent successes, the company has […]

Magma Studio makes a statement and brings new solutions to market with a rebrand to

Magma Studio, an online platform for cooperation, shortened its brand name to Magma to eliminate restrictions and better reflect its mission. The platform is helping brands across industries such as game development, animation, films, comic creators, design, and other creative enterprises. We want to reflect on the fact that we are so much more than […]

Apollo Brokers removes limits in the insurance sector with a rebrand to

Apollo Brokers, a California-based digital wholesale brokerage, underwent a complete rebrand and changed its name to Limit just two years after its launch in 2020. The rebrand comes on the back of rapid company expansion, including the recent acquisition of $14.3 million in venture capital. According to the company, limits are everywhere in the insurance […]

Cleveron Mobility rebrands as Clevon to support expanding into new markets

Cleveron Mobility, a company developing autonomous vehicles, rebranded as Clevon after splitting from Cleveron in April. The two businesses decided during the separation to rename Cleveron Mobility during the first year, according to Clevon’s board chairman Arno KĂĽtt: Clevon is a short and internationally memorable name. It also resembles the word clever, referring to our […]

Northwest Hardwoods rebrands to to simplify their customers’ experience

Northwest Hardwoods was established in 1967, and since then, the company has grown to become a leading producer and supplier of hardwood lumber to customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. To simplify their customers’ experience, the company recently shortened its name to NWH. The transition was an obvious step for NWH and its expanding […]

StrikeForce rebrands as Zerify focusing solely on its proactive cybersecurity solutions

Zerify (formerly known as StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.) is one of the top players in the proactive cybersecurity solutions sector. The company has been operating for over 20 years serving small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and enterprise companies. As a pandemic-era solution for workers holding video conferencing from distant areas, Zerify developed a secure video conferencing […]

Autopilot rebranded to Ortto, expanding its scope of work and strengthening its global presence

Autopilot, a leading marketing automation solution, recently announced a complete rebrand to Ortto. The rebrand is a reaction to the significant growth the company has experienced and its expanding capabilities to match the new vision. Christopher Doyle, Co-founder of Ortto, shared that the decision to rebrand also comes from the company’s desire to strengthen its […]

R3-IoT rebrands to Krucial, representing the importance of making digital transformation available for all

Satellite-enabled connectivity start-up R3-IoT announced a rebrand to Krucial and officially launched its new flagship product – Krucial CONNECT. The company, founded in 2018 by Allan Cannon and Kevin Quillien, has seen significant growth in recent years, doubling its headcount and closing a $4.3 million seed investment round in July 2021. Since being founded as […]

I Love Hummus is changing its name to Beavia after launching a new product line

I Love Hummus, a Czech food company, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a rebrand to Beavia. After entering new markets and expanding their assortment, the name I love Hummus proved to be limiting for the brand. The new brand name Beavia, which means “happy journey” in Latin, alludes to the brand’s mission: ”people to return […]

Flipgrid grows beyond imagination with

The Minneapolis-based Flipgrid launched in 2015 as Vidku, a video-discussion platform started by a University of Minnesota professor as a way to stay in touch with his students for a course he was teaching. After significant growth, Flipgrid has become a powerful tool that allows Educators to create and share discussion topics with their learning […]

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