XpertHR Rebrands to Brightmine: Illuminating the Way to Brighter Business Outcomes

XpertHR, a global provider of people data, analytics, and insights, rebranded to Brightmine in April 2024.

xDesign Rebrands to CreateFuture: Creating Impactful Digital Solutions for Future Needs

Digital development firm xDesign has rebranded to CreateFuture, marking a strategic evolution from a digital service provider to a leader in creating impactful digital solutions that anticipate future needs.

From Ropo Capital to Ropo: Driving Business Success with the Premium Domain

Ropo Capital, now known simply as Ropo, has been a leader in improving the entire invoicing process from start to finish. They are now introducing a new brand to better support the finance department in making smart, data-based choices to enhance cash flow and financial results.

Revio Rebrands to Precium: Elevating From Local Processor to Global Payments Platform

The South African payments orchestration startup previously known as Revio has announced a rebrand to Precium. This change marks the company’s transition from a local payment processor to a global payments platform. 

BNY Mellon Rebrands to BNY, Securing the Premium Domain

On June 11, 2024, BNY Mellon announced a significant rebrand to simply BNY, reflecting its evolution and modern approach to banking and financial services.'s Transformation to OceanWings: Leveraging for Worldwide Impact

French designer and manufacturer AYRO is rebranding as OceanWings and launching an expanded wingsail portfolio.

ConvertKit Rebrands to Kit, Acquiring the Premium Domain

On June 6, 2024, the leading creator marketing platform ConvertKit announced a rebrand to Kit, along with securing the premium domain

Moments Matter: Newsbridge Rebrands to Moments Lab, Helping Organisations to Build High-Impact Videos Faster

Newsbridge, a leading AI and video search company, has rebranded to Moments Lab to fully embody its mission of helping organisations build better video content faster.

Viewstream Rebrands to Kadiko, Building a Bridge to Connect Brands with the Future 

Along with the rebrand, the agency has acquired its Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain, Securing this domain is essential, particularly during a name change, as it ensures a smooth transition for existing clients and partners while strengthening the new brand identity.

WeeCare Rebrands to Upwards: Expanding Mission to Provide Comprehensive Family Care Solutions

WeeCare, a leading national childcare network, rebranded to Upwards in September 2023 to reflect its expanded mission to provide comprehensive care solutions for U.S. families.

App4Legal Rebrands to Lexzur, Aiming for Accelerated Expansion in Europe

App4Legal, a provider of all-in-one legal tech solutions, has rebranded to Lexzur with the new slogan, “Efficiency Amplified”.

Carry's Evolution: From Ocho to and Now

Owning greatly enhances Carry’s online presence, sending a strong message to clients and investors.

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