Domain upgrades

Resolution Games opens its business beyond games with

Swedish gaming company Resolution has recently invested in a one-word, clear domain. Resolution operates a virtual reality and augmented reality gaming studio. The company has raised a total of d $38.5 million in funding to date, over three rounds. Resolution has conquered the gaming industry over the years, with Demeo, Ultimechs, and Blasto being […] Upgrades to and secures $50 million in funding

Founded in 2018, Deel is a leading global compliance and payroll platform that enables companies to hire anybody, anywhere. Deel worldwide customers include names like Coinbase, Intercom and Shopify, and are represented by more than 150 countries.  The business started on Whoxy data shows that in 2018 the domain was owned by Latvian-based […]

Names with stories: The story behind Carrd

Founded in 2016, Carrd is a free platform for building fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything. We had the pleasure to talk with AJ, Founder of Carrd about the origin of the brand name, the reason why he decided to acquire an exact brand match domain, and what is his advice to […]

GetUpside Raises $165M Series D to Transform Brick and Mortar Commerce and Rebrands to Simply Upside

GetUpside was founded by Alex Kinner and Wayne Lin back in 2016. With the rise of e-commerce, they noticed how personalization can unlock proven value for both people and businesses, and the brick and mortar world was having a hard time keeping up. They developed the idea of a two-sided marketplace platform that drives proven, […]

Dropbox is serious about what they do with

Dropbox recently announced Dropbox Shop beta launch. The company also introduced new updates to the platform, as well as tipping capabilities, customizing your storefront and URLs and embed HTML codes. Launched in 2007 by Drew Houston, the business has been doing extremely well, being profitable with steady user growth after its inception. The idea came […]

Bread Financial represents a more focused, unified company, invests in

Bread Financial is a tech-forward financial services company that offers simple, personalized payment, lending and saving solutions. The company operated on  and for quite some time. In 2020 Bread Financial was acquired by Alliance Data. After the acquisition of Bread Finance, Alliance Data adopted its new brand’s name and so changed the name […]

Entering “a new phase of growth and maturity” Republic Upgrades to

The startup curates private investing opportunities with high-growth potential across startups, gaming, real estate and crypto. New York-based Republic was founded in 2016 by Kendrick Nguyen, LĂ©o Galley, Paul Menchov and Peter Green. Republic’s success has been built off our hundreds of sourced private deals, available for investment to users with as little as $10 […] Establishes Solid Global Presence by Securing

Grain is a communication platform for teams to turn everyday video meetings into shared team knowledge. The startup was founded by brothers Mike and Jake Adams in late 2018. We all know how with the pandemic online communication exploded, and Grain was one of the businesses that was there to solve and improve the need […]

Databook is No Longer « Trying » with - Upgrade to

Databook was founded in 2016, by long-time friends Alex Barrett and Anand Shah. The goal was to build an AI-powered SaaS platform that automated and augmented smart pitches with targeted market insights. Anand shares in an interview the idea was to try and make money before they raise money. And you can tell as with […] Makes a Huge Step Forward with

FitOn is a free fitness app founded in 2019. The app offers workouts and personalized fitness plans absolutely free. There are paid features and upgrades and most of the workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. With that much to offer and the pandemic, there is no wonder FitOn now has over 10M […] Establish Their Brand Globally With

Stoggles is an innovative eyewear brand that brings design and style to safety goggles. Born out of the pandemic to bring PPE to healthcare practitioners and consumers alike, the company offers a line of prescription lens-friendly options in several styles and colors that all block out blue light, wind, dust, pollen, sand, UV rays, and more. […]

DevSecOps Startup Phylum Secures Phylum․com

Phylum is an early stage startup that helps companies defend their systems by identifying risk across the entire software supply chain to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and emerging attack vectors. Led by Aaron Bray, co-founder and CEO, Phylum applies machine learning, deep analytics, and static code analysis to to provide a complete picture of […]

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