Domain upgrades upgrade to

LinkTree was created in 2016 when brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria teamed up with their friend, Nick Humphreys, and the site was created in six hours. They had no clue that LinkTree would grow into a platform with a much bigger vision. upgrade to

Fonoa Technologies, a software company that automates taxes, upgraded its domain from to the EBM in March 2021. upgrade to

On March 2nd, Wise announced that the company is moving its brand from to the EBM domain name Wisely, right? upgrade to

AHEAD upgraded its domain name from ThinkAhead․com to the EBM domain in February 2021. upgrade to

UrbanCompass rebranded to simply Compass and secured the exact match brand domain name. Find out the reasoning for the brand upgrade. upgrade to

From Mr. Chewy to MyChewy to – learn more about the story of that startup from idea to IPO. upgrade to

Tesla Motors upgraded to Tesla to match the company’s wider offering. Find out more about why Elon Musk invested $11 Million in a domain name. upgrade to

Why did drop the “mass” from its name? Find out about the reasoning behind this great brand upgrade. upgrade to

HeadlightsDepot upgraded its domain name from to to match their vision of becoming the authority in automotive lighting. upgrade to

Jamba Juice upgraded their brand to open horizons to more products added to their offering. The company secured the matching domain - -

Was Facebook always Facebook? Find out more about the story of the brand and the domain names they own. upgrade to

Did you know Uber was initially called UberCab?

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