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From to A Domain Upgrade to Support Business Growth

In February 2023, Spade secured $5 million in its seed funding round, led by Andreessen Horowitz. Y Combinator, Gradient Ventures, Dash Fund, and a group of angel investors from Square, Alloy, Coinbase, MANTL, and Venmo also participated in the round, bringing the total funding to $6.1 million.

Strengthening Brand Recognition and Credibility: Upgrades to

Faraway is a new and innovative game studio that has set itself apart by using blockchain technology to create truly player-driven and decentralised gaming economies. Faraway is the studio behind Mini Royale: Nations, the first live multiplayer game on Solana. The Mysterious Domain Name That May (or May Not) Belong to ChatGPT and OpenAI - Could This Be the Missing Piece for Their Digital Dominance?

In February 2022, OpenAI made a major announcement that they had acquired the premium domain for its ChatGPT. This acquisition marked a major milestone for OpenAI, which has been at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence technologies for many years.

Jobber's Growth Accelerates with $100 Million Financing and Upgrade to the Exact Brand Match Domain

In addition to the recent capital raise, Jobber has made another significant move in the branding and marketing space. The company has acquired the exact brand match domain name,, a significant upgrade from its previous According to Proxy data, the domain was owned by PPG Industries, Inc., an American Fortune 500 company and global supplier of paints and coatings.

DoiT International's Domain Name Upgrade: A Smooth Move to a Stronger Online Presence

DoiT International, based in Santa Clara, is a cloud management platform used by companies such as AutoTrader,, and Current. The company helps optimise cloud costs and offers technical services and consultations.

Northern Pacific Airways Joins Elite List of Airlines with Two Letter .com Domain

Northern Pacific Airways, established in 2021, is a low-cost airline connecting North America and Asia by stopping at its Alaska hub. The CEO, Rob McKinney, who founded the company last year, has experience in the aviation industry, having previously acquired Ravn Alaska Airlines which was facing bankruptcy. 

Side Real Estate Emerges as the New Owner of Highly Sought-After Domain

Side Real Estate is a brokerage platform established in 2017 by Guy Gal, Edward Wu and Hilary Saunders with the belief that traditional brokerage models do not fully support and value real estate agents. The company has attracted over $300 million in funding and is valued at $1 billion, having facilitated over $5 billion in annual home sales through its partners.

Stacked's Journey from .gg to .com: Setting the Stage for a User-Friendly Gaming Experience

Stacked, the newly founded video streaming platform for gaming-related content, aims to be the Twitch of the web3 community. Available on both mobile and desktop, the platform promises to revolutionize the gaming world with its unique features and user-friendly interface.

Stik Acquires A New Chapter in the British Graffiti Artist's Career

London-based British graffiti artist Stik, renowned for his stick figure-like street art, recently acquired the prime domain He has collaborated with Amnesty International, British Waterways, Queeruption, Reclaim the Streets, and the Mutoid Waste Company.

Galaxy Digital's Expansion and Credibility Boost with GK8 Acquisition and Premium Domain Name Upgrade

Galaxy Digital is a leading player in the digital asset and blockchain space, assisting institutions, startups, and qualified individuals in navigating the rapidly evolving economy. Last year, the company expanded its brokerage services and global reach with the acquisition of GK8. Galaxy won an auction to acquire the company from crypto lender Celsius, which had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Kyte Acquires to establish itself as a leader in the transportation space

Kyte is a technology and operations company that is revolutionizing the mobility market with its innovative on-demand car rental service. The company’s mission is to “unlock the freedom to go places” by delivering cars to customers’ doors for all trips longer than rideshare. Through its intentional approach, Kyte is working towards a more sustainable future while also saving customers time and money.

Adopt' Acquires Domain to Support Digital Expansion and Global Growth

Adopt’ has revolutionized the perfume industry by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. It all started in 1986. It was this year, under the name RĂ©serve Naturelle, that the company was launched. Created in Bordeaux, the brand then developed a line of accessories. Very quickly, the idea of creating a range of perfumes, whose wide offer would meet the desires of all women, was born. This range was then developed under the name adopt. And it was in 2015 that RĂ©serve Naturelle officially changed its name.

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