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At SmartBranding, our goal is to help entrepreneurs create and grow strong, memorable, and meaningful brands online. We started out with MarkUpgrade, where we help businesses secure the best domain names for their brand.

Through our interactions with thousands of people from all walks of life, we realized that many entrepreneurs lack the information and knowledge they need to make smart decisions about the crucial role of a name and a good digital asset strategy in the success of a business. As a result, entrepreneurs often end up making costly mistakes, losing customer trust and growth opportunities, and damaging their reputation and brand image.

Are you struggling with a domain name that doesn’t accurately reflect your brand?

This can cause a number of problems for your business, including:

Decreased traffic and credibility

Customers may have a hard time finding your website or may question the legitimacy of your business if your domain name is confusing or unprofessional.

We launched dropbox basically and all these confused people started going to dropbox.com trying to get to the dropbox beta.

Drew Houston, founder Dropbox

Dropbox launched on GetDropbox.com originally and later on upgraded to Dropbox.com to avoid confusion.

Security risks

A domain name that is difficult to spell or hard to recognize as belonging to your brand can increase the risk of cyber attacks. This puts your customers’ personal information at risk and damages your reputation.

People are trusting us with their finances and TryDave just didn’t seem to give me the same confidence as Dave.com

Jason Wilk, Co-Founder and CEO of Dave 

Dave launched on TryDave.com and upgraded to Dave.com as the company grew.

Brand fragmentation

If you have a domain name that doesn’t match your brand name, it can be difficult for customers to know that these elements are all part of the same brand. This can dilute the power of your brand and make it harder for you to stand out in the market.

We understood that many people thought our site was already Punchbowl.com even though at the time it was MyPunchbowl.com.

Matt Douglas, CEO of Punchbowl

Limiting growth

Added words or country extensions can be difficult for customers to remember and can make it harder for your business to scale internationally or/and across products or services.

Switching to Paw.com has had a tremendously positive impact on our company. First of all, as mentioned before, we no longer are limited to dog products. As “Paw.com” we have the opportunity to build a major pet industry brand, across a wide range of pets and products.

There’s a sense of trust and authority that comes with a great name like Paw.com, and that seems to give a positive boost to just about everything.

David Gimes, founder Paw.com

Paw.com launched as TreatADog.com and rebranded completely to match its growth and vision.

Competition getting the name

If you have been considering switching to a premium domain name that better matches or/and reflects your brand, there is a risk that a competitor may secure the name before you, and leave you with limited options.

Now when we tell people in general on the phone or in a meeting that we’re Jets.com, the credibility alone by saying Jets.com is worth it.

Damian Klinger, President and Co-Founder of Jets.com

Jets.com launched as Concord Jets and later on rebranded to the category defining Jets.com.

Increased marketing costs

A domain name that is hard to spell or confusing can lead to increased marketing costs as you try to educate potential customers on how to find your website.

Before we bought the domain name we were spending a quarter of a million to half of a million a year in advertising on things like Google Adwords and print ads. As soon as we acquired the domain name, we saw a significant increase in focused traffic, apparently from direct visitors.

Ben Carmitchel, President and CEO of DataRecovery.com

DataRecovery was originally known as ESS Data Recovery and rebranded to DataRecovery.com after investing over US$ 1million in the domain.

Top brands across countries and industries understand the importance of a strong domain strategy

The majority of successful businesses use .com domain names that exactly match their brand names and have seen positive results after securing the best domains for their brands.

If you’re tired of dealing with these problems, it’s time to upgrade to a premium domain name. At MarkUpgrade, we have helped numerous businesses just like yours secure the perfect domain name to reflect their brand and improve their online presence. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and goals, and provide personalised recommendations based on your unique situation and goals.

Don’t let a subpar domain name hold you back. Book a consultation to learn more about our consulting services and how we can help you solve your domain name problems.

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