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Names that Fly: The Importance of Branding in the Private Jet Industry
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The private jet industry is a rapidly growing sector of the aviation industry that provides a variety of services to individuals, companies and governments. Private jets are typically used for business, leisure and medical travel and offer a variety of benefits to their passengers, including convenience, privacy, speed, luxury and flexibility.

Private jet charters are often used to make long-distance trips, as they can cover much larger distances than commercial airliners. Private jet operators often provide a range of services, such as aircraft management, maintenance, catering, ground transportation, and flight support. Private jet companies are also becoming increasingly popular for business travelers, executives and celebrities as they provide more flexibility and greater privacy than commercial airliners.

With such a competitive market, it is essential that these companies pay close attention to their branding and naming strategies in order to stand out from their competitors. Not only do they have to make sure their names are memorable and easy to pronounce, but they also need to be able to communicate trust, authority, and luxury. In this article, we will look at the major private jet companies, their services, and their branding and naming choices.



BLADE is revolutionizing the way people travel in and out of cities by providing cost-effective, eco-friendly air transportation alternatives. With BLADE, people can book a seat on scheduled flights between major cities, charter a private aircraft or crowdsource a flight anywhere in the world. BLADE puts a premium on efficiency, comfort and respect for the environment, allowing customers to share aircraft and make air travel more fuel-efficient.

Rob Wiesenthal, Warner Music’s COO, and Steve Martocci, Splice and GroupMe’s co-founder, launched Blade in 2013 with a mission to make private helicopter flights to and from the Hamptons more accessible. With an initial investment of $50,000, Blade was able to make 800 trips within 16 weeks of their launch last Memorial Day weekend and prove their profitability. Uber even partnered with Blade for their Fourth of July weekend to further boost their success.

The business initially launched on and upgraded to in 2020. As the company went public, it became clear from the SEC filing that the asset was acquired for US$ 503,000. Upgrading to a better domain is very common with startups after they’ve proven their content and established a brand.

Most recently, Blade’s CEO and founder, Rob Wiesenthal, told investors he is “very bullish about growth prospects” following a record-breaking third quarter (Q3) that saw the firm become the largest organ transporter in the US. The quarter also saw Blade complete the previously announced acquisitions of Monacair, Héli Sécurité and a third unnamed operator for $48.1m. The creation of a strong and trusted brand has been a strong factor in the success of BLADE.

This cost advantage, combined with our expertise in logistics, customer service and trusted brand gives us confidence in our ability to continue to grow our market share from the high teens level today to eventually becoming the majority of the market.

Rob Wiesenthal, Blade’s CEO and founder

BLADE is revolutionizing the way people travel in and out of cities by providing cost-effective, eco-friendly air transportation alternatives.


Judson Macor and Phil Dewsnap are two experienced pilots who met at the University of Alberta in the 1990s and shared a dream of starting an aviation company. Despite the skepticism of the public, they believed Fractional Ownership – which had taken the United States by storm – could work in Canada.

Undeterred by the challenge, the two friends started with just one plane, a Pilatus PC-12, and worked hard to create a successful business model. Now, AirSprint has grown to become one of the most successful aviation companies in the country, allowing more individuals and corporations to access private aircraft and get more out of life.

The idea behind fractional ownership is to take all the benefits of private aviation and put them in reach of exponentially more people.

AirSprint president and COO James Elian

When he was a boy, Elian had a dream to fly for Air Canada. He joined AirSprint in 2001 when it was still in its early stages, and he eventually became the chief pilot. During a five-month period, he managed to fly into 63 airports, a feat that would take most commercial pilots years to achieve. Since AirSprint does not involve flight attendants, the pilots meet their passengers at the plane, take care of their luggage and serve them a glass of wine. Elian notes that the owners are some of the finest people he has ever met.

The business has secured the exact brand match and also has for internal communication.



In 1999, Sentient Jet was founded with the introduction of the Jet Card and has since become an essential part of Directional Aviation. A leader in private aviation worldwide, Sentient provides clients the flexibility and convenience of flying private for personal and business travel along with unique digital booking tools such as instant, automated text-based booking, a sustainability program, and a commitment to service. Safety is paramount to Sentient Jet, who are guided by an Independent Safety Advisory Board of past FAA and NTSB officials. Clients can rest assured that all aircrafts they access through Sentient Jet’s extensive network of certified operators meet their stringent standards for safety and quality.

Most recently, Sentient added instant text booking to its digital strategy. The pandemic revealed various pain points in the industry, leading Sentient to work on addressing the booking process for its well-heeled customers.

With this digital advancement, card owners have quoting and booking capabilities via text, alleviating the need for human contact entirely. With user-authenticated, automated, artificial intelligence-like interaction, internal and external users can quote and book a flight in less than 60 seconds.

Sentient Press Release

The literal meaning of the brand name is « able to perceive or feel things, being aware ». It fits well with Sentient’s spirit for innovation the brand’s constant exploration of new ways to improve its commitment to providing its clients with superior private travel experiences.

The company is committed to its online presence, safeguarding,, and – an effective way to prevent traffic and email breaches, security risks and optimize their promotional activities.

Jets, a New York City-based private jet charter broker established in 2008, offers jet cards with a minimum of 25 hours in four-cabin size categories, as well as on-demand charter and empty legs. It has two jet cards: one denominated in hours and the All Access Jet Card with a minimum of $300,000, with hourly rates locked until funds expire. You can put up to $1 million in the All Access card.

In 2021, purchased the Part 135 charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center to offer jet card clients more services. has three CEOs:  Edgar Alacan, Manni Scarso and Damian Klinger.

The business operated for a long time as Concord Private Jets on In 2009, they rebranded to simply

We felt as a company that was tremendously powerful for our industry and the product that we’re selling. We figured that anyone who’s going to search for private jets is likely to go to If we said we’re Concord Private Jets, they start asking how long we’ve been in business and for our financials. — hey, how can you question it? We sell a high end product, and people are sending us a lot of money. They need to trust the people they’re dealing with.

Damian Klinger, CEO,

Companies rebranding to improve their name is a common occurrence as they develop and establish themselves in their industry and look to increase credibility and make their marketing more effective.


LunaJets is a private jet charter company that provides exclusive, tailor-made services. Founded in 2007 in Geneva, the company has expanded to include offices in London, Paris, and Nice. The company relies on both technology and expert people to advise clients and supervise flights.

LunaJets provides access to a network of more than 4,000 private jets and helicopters worldwide, allowing them to offer competitive prices and a high level of service and safety. Additionally, they provide 24/7 customer service, and each flight is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

The brand has a solid brand and domain strategy, with for its main activity, for its cargo logistics sister brand, for LunaGroup Charter, and for sale and acquisition of aircrafts. Leveraging domains as strategic brand assets to augment marketing endeavors and gain an edge in the rapidly evolving digital realm is a tactic employed by many successful global brands.


Over 90% of private jet companies in our list operate on a .com domain name. Only 3 companies out of 50 have chosen to operate on an alternative extension. The .com is the gold standard for reliability and highlights the brand’s credibility. It is the largest top-level domain with over 130 million .com names registered, making it the natural choice of internet users.

Private jet companies

Private jet companies understand the importance of having a strong online presence in today’s digital age. One way to ensure that a business is easily found online is by investing in an exact brand match .com domain name. A total of 34 companies on our list have made this investment.

Owners of premium domain names have shared the various benefits of owning and investing in such names. Companies that invest in their exact match domain names can establish a strong online presence, improve their credibility, and benefit from the value of their domain as an asset.

Private jet companies

None of the companies on the list have included a hyphen in their domain names.

Private jet companies

Private jet companies 2022

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