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Arnaud PETIT

Ceridian's Bold Move: Rebranding to Dayforce and the Power of Naming Your Brand After Your Main Service

In the fast-paced world of business, staying relevant and memorable is key to success. One way to achieve this is through a clever and strategic rebranding effort. Case in point: Ceridian’s recent decision to rebrand itself as “Dayforce.” This bold move not only reflects the company’s evolving focus but also highlights the power of naming […]

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Cenkos Securities and FinnCap Successfully Merge into Cavendish, a Significant Move

The newly formed company secured its exact brand match domain name, a critical step in bolstering their online presence, capitalising on the benefits of a singular and unique identity in this rebranding process. This move positions Cavendish for success in a changing financial landscape, marked by increasing consolidation within the industry.

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Elon Musk's Twitter Rebrand: A Strategic Leap Or Misstep?

When it comes to making headlines, Elon Musk never disappoints. Recently, he stirred up the tech and business worlds by redirecting his rare single-letter domain,, to Twitter, a move as audacious as it is fascinating. In a tweet on July 23, 2023, Musk posted: isn’t just any domain; it carries a rich history […]

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Ovo Energy Simplifies Its Name And Rebrands To Ovo Because ‘Energy Is Changing’

Ovo, the challenger brand that has been making waves since its establishment in 2009, is taking a significant step towards redefining its identity. In an effort to signify its evolution as a mature and diverse business, Ovo has decided to drop the word “Energy” from its name. This brand refresh serves as a powerful acknowledgment that Ovo has transcended its origins as a mere “kilowatt-per-hour energy supplier.”

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Bed Bath & Beyond will live, online, all thanks to the fame of its household brand. In the same way that Linens ‘n Things, Circuit City, RadioShack or Toys R Us live on in name only.

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Raytheon Reinvents Itself for the Digital Era with a Rebrand to RTX.COM

Leading defense contractor, Raytheon Technologies, announced a rebrand on Monday, taking on the new name “RTX” alongside a significant investment in the three-letter .com domain: RTX.COM

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Beyond the Ordinary: Comparing Yachts and Premium Domains as Exclusive Investments

Yachts and premium domains are two distinct types of high-end assets that are often viewed as symbols of success, prestige, and exclusivity. While yachts are physical assets that provide a source of entertainment and luxury, premium domains are digital assets that serve as a memorable and easily recognizable web address for businesses. Both assets require significant investment to acquire, and can provide a range of benefits, from establishing credibility and authority to offering a potential source of ROI.

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Preparing for an Uncertain Future: Domain Name Strategies for Business Owners

A strong domain strategy can help you protect your brand in different markets and prevent others from using similar names.

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Maximising Your Domain Name Strategy: The Benefits of Premium Domain Names for SMEs

A memorable and unique domain name can differentiate your business from competitors and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

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Maximizing SEO Potential with a Memorable and Unique Domain Name

A domain name is often the first point of contact that a potential customer has with a business, and a well-chosen domain name can help to create a positive first impression.

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