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Baldwin Risk Partners, a publicly traded insurance company, has rebranded as The Baldwin Group, investing in the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain,, which replaces the longer This new domain enhances the company’s online presence and global reach, making it more straightforward and accessible.

The company, trading under the BWIN ticker on NASDAQ, has a market capitalisation nearing $4 billion and employs 4,000 people. The rebrand to The Baldwin Group reflects the company’s expanded vision and capabilities, transitioning from a collection of nearly 40 regional brands to a unified entity that offers a comprehensive range of insurance and advisory solutions under a single, cohesive brand. This consolidation enhances the company’s market approach, making its offerings more recognisable and reinforcing its commitment to client service across all touchpoints.

Trevor Baldwin, CEO of The Baldwin Group, emphasises that the new name and domain represent the firm’s identity as a unified team of experts committed to protecting what’s possible for clients at every life stage. The company’s slogan, ‘Protecting the Possibleâ„ ,’ encapsulates its role in supporting global clients’ ambitions and achievements.

For us, The Baldwin Group is more than just a new name. It is truly indicative of who we are as a firm – a cohesive group of experts in business insurance, employee benefits, retirement planning, and all areas of private and personal insurance.

Trevor Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of The Baldwin Group, in a press release reflects The Baldwin Group’s evolution into a unified brand, showcasing a streamlined and accessible online presence that simplifies client interactions and reinforces its market position. The Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain enhances the company’s cohesive strategy, increasing visibility and ensuring a seamless brand experience. EBM domains are favoured by Insurtech companies to boost trust, credibility, and authority, as explored in our article ‘Top Insurtech Companies and Their Domain Name Choices‘.

Baldwin Risk Partners rebrands to The Baldwin Group

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