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By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Apu Apustaja, a meme coin boasting a large and dedicated fanbase, announced in May 2024 that it had acquired the premium three-letter .com domain Previously, the project used the domain

Today we are happy to share that $Apu is making some history and that we have acquired the domain 🖥! Not only are three letter domains big news, but this one has the added lore of being featured on the Simpsons, one of TV’s most popular shows. 📺


This acquisition follows just a month after the meme coin ($PEPE), often confused with Apu Apustaja, secured the domain

Three-letter .com domains are highly sought after for their rarity, memorability, and the professional image they confer. Owning a concise and easily recognizable domain like significantly enhances the brand’s visibility and accessibility. This move helps avoid traffic and email leaks, as well as user confusion, making the overall marketing of the brand more effective. In a crypto sector where credibility is essential, this investment in a strong digital presence provides reassurance to users and investors about the project’s authenticity and long-term ambitions.

Three letter domains can run upwards of seven figures so we want to assure you that this was not paid for via the community fund but via the High Council as we wanted to show our dedication and that we are truly in this for the long run. 💪 Moving forward, will be the main $APU site which will redirect to.

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