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Elevating the Brand: Meow's Strategic Domain Upgrade from to
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

Meow, a banking and treasury management platform designed for venture-backed startups, has recently taken a significant step in its branding journey, upgrading from the domain to the exact brand match This move marks a key step in Meow’s story, one that began in the early days of 2021 in a Miami apartment where the founders Arvanaghi and Crawford were holed up writing code and cold-calling investors. 

We just committed to getting in a closed room and coding and hoping, having the blind confidence something would work out.

Brandon Arvanaghi recalls in an interview for Forbes

Meow quickly established itself as a leading player in the fintech sector, catering to startups with high-interest checking accounts, extensive FDIC coverage, and direct access to U.S. Treasuries. Meow’s commitment to secure cash management and lucrative yield options resonated with its target audience. In 2022, the platform broadened its services to include mortgages and a venture debt platform, enhancing its role as a versatile financial ally for emerging businesses. Today, Meow has $1 billion-plus in assets on its platform and offers more than 500 customers.

The name ‘Meow’ was not just a random pick; it was a meticulously chosen brand name to capture attention in the digital space, particularly on social media. The founders understood that a name like Meow would spark conversations and resonate with an audience of young entrepreneurs, differentiating itself from traditional, old-fashioned banking. This approach reflects a modern, innovative mindset, appealing to a new generation of business leaders seeking fresh, unconventional financial solutions.

As Arvanaghi notes, evoking a reaction was the goal, and the name did just that, especially during turbulent times in the banking sector. 

Aatif Awan, Founder and Managing Partner at Indus Valley Capital, commented on the unique branding in a context of financial uncertainty.

We are living in such a stupid timeline. Silicon Valley Bank, one of the top 20 banks in the U.S., is seemingly in trouble. And some folks on Twitter are recommending moving cash to a fintech named Meow.

Aatif Awan, Indus Valley Capital

Initially launched on the domain, Meow’s digital identity was competent but not optimal. The .co domain, introduced in 1991 and initially designated for Colombia, has been widely accepted as a generic top-level domain. For Meow, as it ventured deeper into the competitive niche of banking services for startups and small businesses, a stronger, more recognisable domain became necessary.

It’s wild that this is true, but since acquiring the dot com for Meow, partnerships and even inbounds have been night and day easier to come by. Acquiring the exact brand match has a profound impact on a company.

Brandon Arvanaghi

The shift from to (previously owned by an apparel business supporting animal charities) is a strategic move towards greater brand credibility and visibility and aligns with the emerging trend in fintech naming. An exact brand match domain is synonymous with established, trustworthy businesses, invaluable for a fintech company like Meow. It enhances search engine visibility, makes the brand memorable, and simplifies digital marketing efforts.

Meow domain upgrade

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