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How to Bring Positive Change With Advertising?
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 2 min read

We live in peculiar times. Today more than ever our decisions to buy something or not are not just based on the qualities or price of a product, but also on what a brand stands for. We demand from companies to be genuine, we have access to information and can easily spread information too. We want to know every penny we spend on a product, is being distributed fairly. For brands that were created in this period is almost natural to follow those new demands, some are even born as a response to them. Others have centuries of history on their shoulders and have to make a concerted effort to adapt. Sometimes even adapting is not enough – we’ve seen many complete rebrands over the past decade.

I had the pleasure to discuss the topic with Paco Conde from Activista, a creative agency that has made it their mission to bring positive change with advertising. What brought the conversation about was the brilliant campaign they launched for Earth Day 2021. We discuss how the idea for Mars Sucks was born and executed and touch on what do brands need to do in order to survive and thrive in a world where consumers are not impressed by pretty packaging and words but hold you accountable for your actions.

Want to know more about Activista? Check out more of their amazing work here.

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