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Nick Linck and The Residency: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with Better Education
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Today, our guest is Nick Linck. Fueled by a profound passion for entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive societal change, Nick pursued a degree in computer science from the University of Michigan, equipping him with the necessary skills to establish a technology-driven company. As a dedicated entrepreneur, Nick is currently focused on revolutionizing higher education, striving to create a better future for all.

Meet our guest

Name: Nick Linck

What they do: Nick serves as the Co-Founder of The Residency, an organization committed to offering accessible, debt-free higher education to individuals across the globe. Specifically tailored for visionary entrepreneurs, innovative builders, and inspired creators, The Residency’s program empowers participants to seize control of their destinies and transform their ambitious aspirations into reality.

Interesting fact: At one point in The Residency’s journey, they went by the name R Y V I N – a name that Nick was excited about because it conveyed a message of innovation and positively impacting the world. Unfortunately, some people found it confusing, so the team took this feedback to heart and decided to switch to their current name, which better connects with their audience and conveys their brand message.

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At The Residency, we use AI technology to assist individuals in learning and building startups with greater efficiency, ultimately helping to turn their ideas into reality.

Nick Linck

Short overview

Nick shares how his passion for entrepreneurship and machine learning began during his university studies and eventually led to a successful career at IBM. Despite working on startups on the side and frequently joining founders’ clubs, it wasn’t until a year and a half ago that he decided to quit his job and focus full-time on his current project, The Residency. 

Nick explains that the company was originally called Venture Years, then RYVIN (, before eventually rebranding to The Residency. We discuss the reasoning behind the name change and the main idea behind The Residency, including the services offered and the goals they pursue. 

We also explore how The Residency utilizes innovative teaching methods and AI technology to help young entrepreneurs become successful and build their own startups. Nick shares his insights on how AI positively impacts learning and the creative process. We also talk about the ideal candidate for The Residency’s programs and its business model.

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