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Strategies for Success: Mr Marketology's Tips on SEO, Domain Names, and AI in Marketing
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Today, our guest is Jeff (Mr. Marketology) Beale. Jeff is a Marketing Strategist and best-selling author who has helped businesses increase their clientele monthly without the need to increase their ad spend by teaching them how to leverage authority marketing techniques that he coins “Marketology”. 

Meet our guest

Name: Jeff Beale

What they do: Jeff is the founder of The Marketology Group and MrMarketology, which provides consultation, workshops & insights for emerging companies looking to increase market share. 

Interesting fact: Jeff’s extensive marketing experience began during his time in the military. He noticed the Air Force’s website needed improvement and was tasked with rebuilding it, acquiring valuable skills in the process. Upon realising the site’s visibility issues, he learned SEO to enhance its online presence. This marked the beginning of his successful transition from the military to a thriving marketing career.

Where to reach them:


With artificial intelligence entering the scene, marketers will need to become much more creative in reaching their audience.

Jeff Beale

Domain names represent both your personal reputation and that of your business. It’s crucial to secure your name, preventing others from fabricating information about you. If you believe in your business, register your domain upfront.

Jeff Beale

Establish the foundation and strategy first, ensuring it makes sense, and then begin opening up the floodgates.

Jeff Beale

Short overview

Jeff has a diverse background in marketing, spanning from web design to SEO, email marketing, and marketing automation. Now, he’s integrating automation with artificial intelligence. We speak with Jeff about the evolution of marketing and the common mistakes businesses make in this field.

As the owner and operator of, Jeff shares the inspiration behind the domain name and the message it conveys. He also discusses the significance of investing in a quality domain name as part of a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy.

We explore the types of businesses that can seek Jeff’s professional advice and whether they need to be at a certain stage of development. He explains his process for identifying weaknesses in clients’ marketing strategies and how he works to enhance them.

Jeff’s future plans involve creating a community where he can teach others to harness AI to their advantage. Be sure to follow him to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and cutting-edge technology.

Jeff has a special offer for our audience: a complimentary marketing assessment. This valuable opportunity provides you with a personalised marketing report and practical recommendations to enhance your marketing strategies. Simply follow the link to claim your free marketing audit.

We host engaging conversations about naming, branding, and entrepreneurship, exploring everything from initial triumphs to the hurdles along the way. If you’ve got insights on innovative branding strategies, lessons learned from entrepreneurial ventures, or thoughts on the significance of a solid domain name strategy, and you’re keen to chat about them, we’d love to hear from you!

Other resources

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