Strategies for Success: Mr Marketology's Tips on SEO, Domain Names, and AI in Marketing

Today our guest is Jeff (Mr. Marketology) Beale. Jeff is a Marketing Strategist and best-selling author who has helped businesses increase their clientele monthly without the need to increase their ad spend by teaching them how to leverage authority marketing techniques that he coins “Marketology”. 

The Art of Branding: Lessons from David Aaker, the Father of Modern Branding

Today our guest is David Aaker, known as the “Father of Modern Branding” and a respected authority in the field. David has contributed significantly to the science of marketing and has developed several widely recognised branding concepts, such as the Aaker brand vision model. His achievements earned him numerous awards, including induction into the American Marketing Association Hall of Fame in 2015.

Off the Grid and Beyond: Lary Sims' Filmmaking Legacy

Our guest today is Lary Sims. Lary was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, making reading and writing a challenge for him during his early years. Despite this, he managed to overcome his difficulties and went on to become a successful writer and filmmaker. 

Mastering SEO for Long-Term Ranking Success: Insights from Brandon Leibowitz

Today our guest is Brandon Leibowitz. Brandon is a digital marketing expert with over 14 years of experience helping websites rank higher on Google using SEO strategies.

Investing Made Easy: An Interview with Wizest's Founder Axel Thibon

Today our guest is Axel Thibon, an entrepreneur who has been working in finance for over six years and, through his experience, understood that a great number of people think that investing is complicated and intimidating. He created Wizest, a platform to make investing accessible, transparent, engaging and easier. 

Exploring the Psychology of Brand Love with Professor Aaron Ahuvia

Our guest today is Professor Aaron Ahuvia, a marketing expert specialising in consumer behaviour and brand management. He recently released a book titled “The Things We Love: How Our Passions Connect Us and Make Us Who We Are,” which was included in Amazon’s list of the top 20 best business books of 2022.

The Art of Managing Multiple Personas and Brands: Insights from Mark Herschberg

Today our guest is Mark Herschberg, a skilled executive with cybersecurity expertise capable of connecting business and technology. He has experience launching, expanding, and reviving startup companies in various sectors and has supported two Fortune 500 firms with their startup initiatives. Mark has contributed to the development of academic programs at MIT and HBS. He has built several marketplaces for labour, lead generation, video, content, and finance. 

Brand Building and Connecting with Your Customers: A Conversation with Monica Sharma-Patnekar

Today our guest is Monica Sharma-Patnekar. She’s an e-commerce brand mentor and consultant with 17-plus years of experience building purpose-driven brands. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and coached premium partners to Google.

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Social Media Marketing with Hannah Acosta

Today our guest is Hannah Acosta. Hannah is a highly skilled Social Media Manager with a strong track record in the marketing and advertising sector and the non-profit arena. While working at Ugly Mug Marketing in Alexandria, Louisiana, she has developed her expertise in Social Media, particularly in the areas of Facebook advertising, strategic planning, and content development on both Instagram and Facebook.

Building Success Through Strategic Leadership: An Interview with Lee Wochner of Counterintuity

Today our guest is  Lee Wochner. Lee is highly esteemed for his strategic leadership and facilitation abilities, which he has developed through over 25 years of organisational consulting, both independently and with Counterintuity. Today with his team Lee is serving a wide range of clients, including non-profits, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses.

Unleashing the Power Within: A Journey with Vincent Cheng on Entrepreneurship, Buddhism, and Life Coaching

Today our guest is Vincent Cheng. Vincent has written the book “Heal The Source”, heads two companies as their founder and CEO, practices as an Infinity Coach, and works as a psychotherapist. His extensive travels to 32 countries worldwide have helped him cultivate a deep understanding of different cultures and human nature. He had been visiting Japan every year since 2013 and even lived with a Zen Buddhist monk in a 600-year-old temple until the COVID-19 pandemic halted his travels in 2020.

Transforming Organisational Cultures Through Software and Training: An Interview with Wade Bruffey, Co-Founder of GoMobi

Today our guest is Wade Bruffey, an entrepreneurial business and career coach. He assists individuals in discovering their passions and provides them with the tools, strategies, and techniques to excel in their pursuits.

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