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Avi Schiffmann Secures for a Possible Major Rebrand from Tab A.I.
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

Avi Schiffmann, a 21-year-old Harvard dropout, has made significant marks on the world with his knack for creating impactful technological solutions. At just 17, he launched a highly successful COVID-19 tracking website that attracted millions of daily users. He became a youth ambassador to the U.N. and received a Webby award from Anthony Fauci. His subsequent projects include the founding of Ukraine Take Shelter, which matched 100,000 displaced Ukrainians with open homes.

In a recent now deleted X post, Avi announced the acquisition of the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain 

In a follow-up post, when asked whether FRIEND is a rebrand of Tab, a parent company, or a different product, Avi replied that everything is now under FRIEND, hinting at a possible rebrand of Tab. He mentioned that FRIEND will feature AI wearables that can be personalised with unique skins to match a user’s style or mood.

Avi mentioned that the concept and rebranding to FRIEND emerged during an intensive two-month creativity sprint across global cities like Tokyo, Bali, Berlin, and Paris. He added that the designer involved in this project is the same one who designed Terra’s products.

This strategic move will follow Schiffmann’s successful $1.9 million funding round for the Tab A.I. necklace in October. Tab, equipped with a microphone and long-lasting battery, connects via Bluetooth to process and analyse conversations through A.I., functioning like a personal assistant. The project Tab A.I is currently stopped in a pre-order phase further indicating a potential rebrand to FRIEND.

Avi Schiffmann’s investment in the premium will mark a significant upgrade from the previous, enhancing the new brand’s memorability and trustworthiness.  The move away from addresses a notable downside of the previous branding strategy. The inclusion of “My” and the “.ai” extension, while initially signaling personalisation and association with artificial intelligence products, could potentially limit the brand’s reach and expansion. Unlike tech giants who realised the benefits of premium domains over time, new-generation entrepreneurs like Avi immediately recognise their power as a solid investment for future brand growth, leveraging every possible edge to compete effectively in the tech landscape from the start. seamlessly aligns with the product’s emphasis on connectivity and personal relationships and strengthens marketing initiatives through a clear, authoritative web presence.

The brand is set to officially launch on International Friendship Day, and we are excited to see its impact.

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