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Mastering Sales and Empowerment: Lynn Whitbeck's Journey with Petite2Queen
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Our guest for this episode is Lynn Whitbeck, the CEO and founder of Petite2Queen, a powerhouse in sales strategy and business growth. With a mission to end sales chaos and amplify profits, Lynn assists entrepreneurs, sales teams, and business owners in boosting their sales.

Meet our guest

Name: Lynn Whitbeck 

What they do: Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Petite2Queen, Host of Claim Your Career Crown on Pelucha TV, and the Get More Clients show streaming on Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV. She has been seen in USA Today, HuffPost, Chicago Tribune, and more.

Interesting fact: Lynn’s brand name, Petite2Queen, was born during a casual dinner chat with her team. Acknowledging the diverse sizes and strengths among them, she playfully combined “petite” for smaller sizes and “queen” for herself, embracing empowerment and inclusivity. Motivated by the belief that women benefit from sales skills regardless of their career paths, Lynn swiftly claimed the domain name and began her journey with Petite2Queen.

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Real sales are about building partnerships and becoming a trusted partner. It’s all about relationships. When building relationships, you become that trusted confidant, a provider, and a resource – someone clients can bounce ideas off of.

Lynn Whitbeck

Women need sales skills, whether they work in sales or not. You need them in your career because you’re negotiating for a pay raise, you’re negotiating with your team—you are selling all the time. And you need to have that skill set to advance in your career. Sales is an amazing career for women, and sales skills are used in every aspect of our lives.

Lynn Whitbeck

Your presentation reflects your competence. Staying consistent with your branding is vitally important so that people know what to expect, much like when you go into a Starbucks anywhere in the world and know what you’ll get with your latte.

Lynn Whitbeck

Short overview

Lynn shares her journey to founding Petite2Queen, reflecting on her deep-rooted passion for sales that began in her Girl Scout days, selling cookies. This early experience sparked a career where she now helps business owners and entrepreneurs refine their sales strategies, enabling them to establish a repeatable, consistent process to grow their businesses.

Exploring the evolution of sales strategies, Lynn outlines timeless principles that have remained constant, such as the importance of building partnerships based on trust and respect. She notes that genuine relationships are the key to successful sales. Lynn also highlights the close relationship between sales and marketing, emphasising their collaborative nature and the importance of consistent branding and presentations, drawing parallels to the standardised experiences offered by global brands like Starbucks.

In our conversation about common mistakes in her area of expertise, Lynn advises against overlooking clients’ viewpoints. She urges salespeople to deeply understand their clients’ main issues, emotions, and motivations to communicate more effectively. Lynn also points out common sales pitfalls, emphasising the critical role of follow-up. She cites statistics showing that only 3% of potential buyers are ready to purchase immediately and that 80% of sales come from the 20% of salespeople who consistently follow up.

Regarding AI, Lynn underscores the irreplaceable value of the human touch in AI-driven interactions, highlighting the importance of authenticity and human connections in content creation and communication.

Looking ahead, Lynn and Petite2Queen are committed to expanding their offerings and providing valuable resources to empower women in sales, ensuring ongoing support and growth for their clientele.

Key moments

  • Sales, branding, and trust with a focus on consistency, building relationships and serving clients. (0:05)
  • Sales and marketing alignment, targeting women in business, and effective follow-up strategies. (8:55)
  • Using AI tools in marketing, with a focus on authenticity and human connection. (17:40)
  • The importance of human connection in sales. (23:20)

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