Viva Wallet & Viva Services: Elevating Business with Premium Domains and

The Greek fintech startup Viva Wallet & Viva Services has recently made a strategic move by acquiring two exceptional premium four-letter domains, namely and

WPP Merges Wunderman Thompson and VMLY&R to Form VML, the World’s Largest Creative Company

In October 2023, WPP unveiled a significant transformation in its client services with the merger of Wunderman Thompson and VMLY&R, creating the industry’s largest creative agency under the new name, VML.

The Journey of From a Side Project to a $50 Million Deal and Tumblr owner Automattic are adding another company to their portfolio, acquiring the all-in-one messaging app for $50 million. The app brings all your messaging apps together in a single dashboard, including iMessage, Slack, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Signal, Discord and X, with plans for more in the future. founder Kishan […]

From Brand Protection to Market Domination: Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops' Domain Strategy

Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops, a family-owned and operated ski company with over 50 years of industry experience and seven retail stores in Pennsylvania, has broadened its domain portfolio with two more premium domain names, and The company already owns the exact brand name along with, and 

Aramark Introduces Vestis and Secures Growth Path with Acquisition

Aramark, a global leader in food, facilities management, and uniforms, has announced that it will name its new company, Vestis, following the spin-off of its uniform services business. The name Vestis comes from the Latin word for “clothes,” tying closely to the company’s core service of uniform rentals.

A New Frontier in Digital Security: Notarize Introduces 'Proof', a Dedicated Identity Verification Platform

By launching Proof, the company aims to provide an enterprise-grade platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of large banks and real estate companies.

Elon Musk's Twitter Rebrand: A Strategic Leap Or Misstep?

When it comes to making headlines, Elon Musk never disappoints. Recently, he stirred up the tech and business worlds by redirecting his rare single-letter domain,, to Twitter, a move as audacious as it is fascinating. In a tweet on July 23, 2023, Musk posted: isn’t just any domain; it carries a rich history […] Bet $21.5M It Could Resurrect Bed Bath & Beyond’s Long-Gone Market Dominance, It Has Started Paying Off Already, A Lot

Bed Bath & Beyond will live, online, all thanks to the fame of its household brand. In the same way that Linens ‘n Things, Circuit City, RadioShack or Toys R Us live on in name only.

Unleashing the Value:'s Domain as a Catalyst for Growth is widely acknowledged as one of the most prized domains, with the entire business behind it commanding a staggering valuation of $2.5 billion. This valuation encompasses various intangible assets, including the highly sought-after domain name itself,

Unveiling the Power of Insights from NamesCon2023

The recent NamesCon2023 event brought together industry experts and domain investors, including Andrew Miller, Larry Fischer, and David Lazowski, who shared insights into their historic domain name transactions. One of the standout acquisitions discussed was

The Power of Domains: Dharmesh Shah Sells

Recently, we experienced a grand demonstration of the rising value of domain names as Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot and a visionary entrepreneur, announced acquiring for over $10M. Today he has announced he has sold the domain, making a profit within just two months of purchase.

The Power of Premium Domains: How Entrepreneurs Are Investing in the Future

We will explore the factors that motivated these entrepreneurs to invest in premium domain names, as well as the strategies they employed to capitalize on their investments.

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