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One Vision, One Domain: Crayon and rhipe Together Under
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Crayon, a global IT service and innovation leader, has fully integrated rhipe into its brand. Effective July 1, 2024, the rhipe brand will be discontinued. The Crayon company acquired rhipe, a premier distributor of cloud solutions in Australia, in November 2021 and added several additional strategic partners by 2022. These included emt Distribution, cybersecurity specialists; Parallo, a cloud-managed services firm; and Navicle, experts in Oracle solutions. This expansion has significantly enhanced Crayon’s ability to offer cutting-edge services in cloud, data, and AI technology, thereby increasing value for our customers and partners across the Asia Pacific.

Over the past two years, Crayon and rhipe have collaborated to merge teams and enhance capabilities, challenging traditional distribution models and improving overall value. 

Our unified strength across the region unlocks limitless opportunities for our partners, centered around a distribution model that prioritises their success. We are dedicated to your long-term achievements.

Rhonda Robati, EVP Asia-Pacific

Crayon’s global presence now includes over 4,000 employees, with over 800 located in the Asia-Pacific region, supporting over 3,500 regional partners. As the third-largest Microsoft SPLA aggregator and an indirect cloud solution provider (CSP), Crayon operates in 46 countries and distributes products from over 40 vendors across the APAC region, ensuring the consistent delivery of top-tier value and support.

Similar to Glamox, Crayon has unified all integrated brands under its Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain, Previously, rhipe operated under its own EBM, Now that redirects to, all customer interactions are centralised. This consolidation eliminates confusion and ensures a seamless, consistent user experience. The transition to a single EBM domain simplifies the maintenance of multiple websites and systems, making marketing more efficient and impactful, and delivering a clearer and more compelling brand message.

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