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By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Activision Publishing, Inc., a leading video game publisher based in Santa Monica, California, and part of the larger Activision Blizzard group, has acquired the domain name This acquisition aligns with the launch of their new studio, Elsewhere Entertainment, which is being established in Warsaw, Poland, and the U.S. to develop exciting new games. Known for creating some of the most popular and innovative games, Activision has been a powerhouse in the gaming world for years, managing several smaller studios.

The domain name, which now redirects to a specific page on Activision’s main website, reflects the studio’s commitment to creating story-driven games that aim to set new standards in the gaming industry

The name “elsewhere” suggests a venture into new and innovative directions, aligning perfectly with the studio’s creative ambitions. Owning clear and authoritative domains like enhances Activision’s online branding and supports its mission to innovate and excel in the gaming industry.

Activision owns an extensive portfolio of 5,000 domain names, including extensions of their Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain,, such as Activision.mobe,, and Like many successful global brands, Activision utilises the power of domains to maintain a portfolio that serves multiple purposes: protecting the brand, enhancing marketing campaigns, supporting sub-brands or products, and appealing to specific audiences. This strategic approach to domain management is critical for safeguarding its brand and enhancing its market presence.

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