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Revio Rebrands to Precium: Elevating From Local Processor to Global Payments Platform
By Monica Stankova access_time 3 min read

The South African payments orchestration startup previously known as Revio has announced a rebrand to Precium. This change marks the company’s transition from a local payment processor to a global payments platform. 

What started as a venture to provide world-class payment technologies to South African merchants has since become a platform to enable global merchants to access emerging African markets. While our operations remain firmly rooted in South Africa, more and more of our clients are companies abroad. Our rebrand aims to capture our evolution into a globally competitive payment infrastructure platform, purpose-built for enterprise scale. 

Nicole Dunn, Co-Founder and COO at Precium

Following a $5.2 million seed investment last year, Precium has seen significant growth in enterprise client acquisition and income, with its monthly recurring revenue tripling over the past six months. The company has also broadened its international scope, attracting global merchants representing over $100 million of monthly total payment volume.

The new name, Precium, derived from Latin meaning ‘pay’ or ‘worth’, also references a platinum alloy containing over 87% precious metal. This name aims to deliver a message about the company’s deepened commitment to being a brand of substance and quality.

This exponential growth also attracted the interest of global businesses inside and outside of our industry with similar sounding names to Revio. After careful consideration, we decided to rebrand to future-proof our continued growth and global presence. We’ve leveraged this critical undertaking as a unique opportunity to reflect on our business and brand, and are thrilled to reintroduce ourselves as a home-grown company with an ambition to make a global impact.

Nicole Dunn, Co-Founder and COO at Precium

Previously, the company operated under the domain While adding terms like “pay” to the domain can be practical when the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain is unavailable or out of buget, this approach can limit a business to certain services or products, diluting the overall brand impact. A longer domain name is less memorable, which can lead to missed opportunities as potential customers might try a simpler version of the domain, assuming it to be the correct one. Non-EBM domains can also weaken brand identity and reduce marketing effectiveness.

For its new identity, Precium secured its EBM domain, This new domain ensures that visitors and potential customers find the correct site, reducing confusion and optimising web traffic. A consistent and professional online identity is essential for building trust and market recognition.

Revio Rebrands to Precium

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