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By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read, the world’s largest expert platform, is taking a stand against AI misinformation with its latest initiative, Pearl AI Answer Review. This service enables users to enlist verified human experts from various fields—such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, mechanics, and veterinarians—to review and rate the accuracy of AI-generated responses.

Pearl began its history in 2003 with Andy Kurtzig’s launch of Born from needing expert advice during his wife’s pregnancy, Kurtzig quickly realised the broader demand for accessible expertise. Over the years, the company has experienced remarkable growth, now serving users in 196 countries and dealing in 22 currencies.

In 2012, Kurtzig announced the rebranding of JustAnswer to following a $25 million Series A funding round. He explained that the transition to reflected the company’s expansion from merely answering questions to offering comprehensive professional assistance across various domains.

We’re building a strong, global brand that expands beyond the simple question-and-answer model of our competitors to focus on delivering ‘wisdom when you want it.

Andy Kurtzig for CNBC

Kurtzig emphasises the significance of the name change, stating that “Pearl” embodies the essence of wisdom and professionalism, distinguishing the platform from casual forums and chat rooms. is a perfect name for this business. Pearl, from ‘pearls of wisdom;’ to me it’s like Amazon–if they were called ‘’ they wouldn’t have won–and Oracle. These are big businesses.

Andy Kurtzig for HuffPost

Both and are currently operational, suggesting that Kurtzig opted to maintain both platforms, with a primary focus on Pearl in the years following the rebrand. In a Huffpost 2017 interview, he expressed a long-term vision centred around, aiming to scale the platform and capture a significant share of the expansive Professional Services market.

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