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Success Begins with a Great Domain: Welcome
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Mindy, an innovative email-based executive assistant, has made a notable entry into the AI scene, unveiling its launch on the exact brand match domain, and supported by leading VCs. Operating out of San Francisco, the company has secured a substantial $6 million in seed funding, led by industry giants Sequoia Capital, with Roelof Botha at the helm, and Founders Fund, setting a strong foundation for its future growth and development.

The brains behind Mindy include Yu Pan, Cuong Do, and Benoit Berthoux. Pan, a founding engineer at both PayPal and YouTube, teamed up with Do, another PayPal alumnus and YouTube founding engineer, and Berthoux, who has a background in consultancy with firms like Capgemini and Accenture.

“The idea germinated in 2022,” Pan shared in a conversation with TechCrunch:

At that time, I was wrapping up my crypto projects, and Benoit was concluding his initiative. We noticed the growing popularity of models like GPT-3.5, but realized they required extensive prompt engineering. We believed these tools should be more intuitive.

Yu Pan, Mindy

Mindy started its journey in a “semi-stealth” model last November, though the company has not disclosed the number of current users. Unlike other AI assistant tools, Mindy aims to streamline the prompt engineering process, enabling users to harness the power of generative AI through simple email interactions.

Using personal names like Mindy as brand names in technology often helps humanise the product, making it more relatable and memorable to consumers. This naming strategy, coupled with the exact brand match domain, enhances trust and recognition, a crucial factor for the success of AI platforms in a market where consumer satisfaction and word-of-mouth play pivotal roles in rapid growth.

Mindy has made a notable entry into the AI scene, unveiling its launch on the exact brand match domain

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