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By Monica Stankova access_time 4 min read is a website that offers valuable information and resources for anyone planning a romantic getaway, particularly honeymooners. It provides insights, tips, and suggestions on various honeymoon destinations, travel packages, and more. The site aims to help couples create unforgettable and magical experiences during their special time together.

Jim Campbell, owner of, recently shared his business journey in an article, highlighting the transformative effect of acquiring a premium domain name. As the founder of Camp Media, Campbell operates a range of websites such as, and, reaching millions of visitors each month. In September 2023, Camp Media announced the acquisition of, cementing its commitment to offering unparalleled resources and experiences to couples embarking on their unique honeymoon adventures.

We are delighted to welcome to the Camp Media family. This acquisition expands our reach and enhances our ability to assist honeymooners in planning their perfect trips. brings a strong brand presence that aligns perfectly with our current operations of providing exceptional honeymoon planning guidance.

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell’s decision to acquire was influenced by his experience managing a diverse range of websites under Camp Media, covering niches from engagement rings to weddings and Caribbean travel. He acknowledged the complexities and limitations inherent in the portfolio model. While diversification offers some advantages, it also poses challenges in maintaining content quality and establishing an authoritative presence – key factors for sites dependent on organic search traffic.

The Results Are In: Five months after acquiring, the transformation is remarkable.

Improved Content and Authority

The premium domain name attracted top talent, resulting in better, more focused content. Jim even brought in a travel agent to enhance visitor experience and content quality.

The authoritative domain name has made it easier to attract top talent to contribute their travel expertise and experience to the website. We even hired a travel agent to assist visitors and edit content. Moving from multiple niches to one combined has produced better, more focused content. Writers and articles are able to level up their subsequent articles instead of plateauing.

Jim Campbell

Recognised as a Category Leader

With the premium domain name and focused approach, quickly gained recognition from leading websites like The Wall Street Journal, and

The premium domain name, alongside my focus on honeymoons, has made it exceptionally easier to get mentions and links from leading websites and institutions. After trying for years to build these mentions with subpar domain names, I am certain that the premium domain name accelerated the increased trust needed to cite our content and opinions.

Jim Campbell

700%+ Increase in Organic Traffic

Thanks to improved content and growing authority, the website’s organic traffic soared from 5,500 to nearly 44,500 monthly visitors.

The combination of improved content and authority has skyrocketed the SEO traffic for

Jim Campbell

10x Increase in Revenue

As traffic and trust increased, so did revenue. The monthly organic traffic value went from $3,500 to an impressive $35,000.

Traffic value has increased faster than traffic volume, due to high-value search terms ranking, such as “honeymoon packages,” which would cost around $0.50 to acquire a user via CPC advertising. This increase is directly correlated to the improvement in content quality and the jump in authority, all made possible by focusing our efforts on building a premium domain name.

Jim Campbell

Jim’s journey with is a testament to the power of strategic decisions in the world of online business. The results speak for themselves: improved content, industry authority, a surge in organic traffic, and substantial revenue growth. So, whether you’re navigating multiple ventures or just starting out, remember: sometimes, less can be more, and quality always reigns supreme in the online arena. 

Investing in a premium domain has proven to be a transformative decision for my business, offering immense benefits from enhanced credibility to marketing advantages. While it presents challenges, including high cost and strategic planning, the potential for a strong ROI makes it a worthy consideration for small to medium-sized business owners looking to elevate their digital presence.

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell, owner of, recently shared his business journey in an article, highlighting the transformative effect of acquiring a premium domain name.

Premium domain names are a valuable asset for any brand. They can help you establish credibility, improve your search engine rankings, and make it easier for customers to find and remember your website. If you’re interested in learning more about how premium domain names can benefit your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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