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The Bar Brothers and Jorny: A Journey to Lifelong Growth
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Our guest for this episode is Itamar Bar, founder and chief strategy officer known for his expertise in performance-driven growth hacking. With a wealth of experience spanning different business models, markets, and industries, Itamar has collaborated with globally recognised brands, including Nike, WeWork, eBay, Lufthansa, Unilever, Sixt, Xbox, Pepsi, Playtika, and many others.

Meet our guest

Name: Itamar Bar

What they do: Itamar is the co-founder of Jorny – a movement for lifetime growth. Built on the underlying philosophy that growth knows no age limit, Jorny is a hybrid hospitality brand that provides mid-lifers and beyond the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of connection, exploration, and growth.

Interesting fact: The name “Jorny” was carefully crafted to stand out in the hospitality industry. Itamar and his team wanted a word that resonated with people’s personal experiences and their own journeys in life. They settled on “journey” as it encapsulated the diverse adventures they’ve had up to the age of 50. To make it unique, they opted for a distinct spelling, using “J O R N and Y,” giving birth to the memorable name “Jorny.”

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Itamar Bar, co-founder of Jorny, hybrid hospitality brand

People often don’t realise the importance of finding purpose in their retirement years. With increased life expectancy and more years to enjoy, it’s crucial to make this precious time meaningful. We believe that purpose is vital, and not enough companies are helping people find it. This isn’t just an individual concern; it should also concern governments and society as a whole. Without purpose, people can become lonely, mentally unwell, and even physically ill. We aim to promote this message early on, targeting those who are 55 and older. While Jorny is for everyone, the earlier you embark on this journey, the more benefits you can reap.

Itamar Bar

Age should never limit our pursuits. It’s not about chronological age; it’s about mindset and comfort. We can embrace new adventures at any age.

Itamar Bar

Short overview

Itamar shares how he and his brother joined forces to create Jorny. While his brother is more of a daredevil, engaging in activities like biking and piloting, Itamar leans more toward the spiritual side. He brings a background in psychology and a passion for travel, exploration, inner introspection, and diverse cultural experiences. Despite their varied backgrounds, they found common ground in their shared desire to provide purpose and personal growth opportunities, especially given that they’ve both reached the age of 50. We discuss the challenges and benefits of collaborating with a family member.

Itamar describes the company’s essence: to assist individuals in their later years to discover personal growth through community-driven experiences. We explore the misconceptions surrounding retirement and ageing, including the mistaken belief that it signifies the end of life’s journey. Itamar offers valuable tips for making the most of one’s later years.

Emphasising the significance of discovering purpose in life, especially during later years, he underscores the imperative for both companies and governments to address this matter. We touch upon the topic of ageism and personal growth opportunities. According to Itamar, one’s willingness to explore new activities is determined by mental age, not chronological age.

At the end of our conversation, Itamar shares Jorny’s future prospects, expressing his anticipation of finalising the company’s investment and launching two new locations in Tulum, Mexico, and Portugal.

Key moments

  • Co-founding a global community for the second half of life. (0:05)
  • Personal growth and purpose in later life. Finding purpose in life after 50.  (6:09)
  • Personal growth and development in midlife. (18:49)
  • Ageism and personal growth opportunities. (23:51)
  • Creating a new type of retirement community. (30:42)

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