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Dave O'Connor on Self-Awareness, Branding, Coaching and Entrepreneurship
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Today our guest is Dave O’Connor. He’s had quite a dynamic career over the last 20 years, working in dining, psychology, politics, public relations, journalism, and startups. Today Dave runs Funbringer where he coaches individuals at a turning point in their career or purpose.

Meet our guest

Name: Dave O’Connor

What they do: Dave founded his formal coaching business Funbringer in 2022. He serves clients from all backgrounds through his distinctive coaching style, primarily male professionals in their thirties.

Where to reach them:


The founding principle of Funbringer is to have fun making fun for the world.

Dave O’Connor, founder and CEO of Funbringer

Short overview

We talk about Dave’s coaching, management, mentorship, men’s groups, clinical therapy journey, and the most important lesson he learned. We also touch on the Funbringer brand story.

I came up with the name Funbringer from a desire in my life to add fun to a world that seems like it desperately needs it.

Dave O’Connor, founder and CEO of Funbringer

David elaborates on his approach to assisting people in exploring possible solutions to their problems and the true essence of coaching. In the final part of our podcast, David discusses how an individual’s level of self-awareness and awareness of the purpose of their life can affect their capacity to run a successful business.

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