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Breaking Barriers: Kim Ades’ Unique Approach to Executive Coaching
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Our guest for this episode is Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ and The Journal That Talks Back™. An author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of five, Kim has shared her impactful coaching techniques with executives and entrepreneurs globally. She has been featured in notable publications like Forbes and Inc. and has spoken at major organisations, including Microsoft and WBE.

Meet our guest

Name: Kim Ades

What they do: Kim is the CEO and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching®, where she helps executives and leaders master their thoughts to enhance mental resilience and achieve significant professional and personal success.

Interesting fact: Kim used to work in an assessment firm where she and her team studied what differentiates top performers from others. They discovered that individuals with higher emotional resilience are significantly more likely to succeed across various industries and job levels. This finding influenced her coaching philosophy and led her to establish her own company, Frame of Mind Coaching®, after recognising the potential for improvement in existing coaching methods.

Where to reach them:


Kim Ades, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ and The Journal That Talks Back™.

The name is about the way you think. It’s about your frame of mind. It’s about how you see everything, how you experience everything, and how you react to everything. And so a name needs to reflect what you do; otherwise, it’s very abstract, like, what are these people doing?

Kim Ades

The concept of empathy is misunderstood, misplaced, and does not fit appropriately to a coaching relationship. So, if I’m going to coach you, yes, you have a story; yes, you have a struggle. But if I get caught up in your story and your struggle, I’m no longer able to coach you. I have to be able to get past your story and know that your story is temporary. It’s your story for now, but it’s not your story for life. And my job is to help you create your story for life.

Kim Ades

Great leadership is a lot like great parenting. Both great leaders and great parents are also great coaches. When you step in and solve the problem for your kids, sure, you’re making things go fast in the moment. But in the long run, you’re not doing anybody any favours.

Kim Ades

Short overview

Kim Ades shares what inspired her to start Frame of Mind Coaching® and why she chose that brand name, reflecting her focus on reshaping clients’ thoughts and beliefs. She describes her coaching as intensive and personalised, ideal for executives wanting fast results. Through weekly recorded calls and daily journaling, her clients reflect on their behaviours and deepen their relationship with their coach, fostering significant growth.

Talking about common mistakes, Kim highlights that leaders often overlook the importance of developing coaching skills and instead focus too much on their expertise and strategy, failing to provide the necessary support to their team.

When discussing the best time for coaching, Kim suggests leaders seek help when they feel isolated, constantly face issues with others, feel unfulfilled despite achievements, or neglect personal well-being. She identifies four main struggles—neglecting health, sleep, fun, and experiencing ‘slippage’ in essential life areas. For those facing these challenges, she offers a 10-week program aimed at significant change and achieving a balanced and successful lifestyle.

Key moments

  • Coaching industry, personal background, and approach to coaching. (0:05)
  • How a coach helps remove barriers to achieving goals by understanding the client’s frame of mind through daily journaling. (5:03)
  • Coaching techniques and empathy in coaching relationships. (11:09)
  • Common mistakes made by high achievers. (16:06)

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