Sam Eisenberg on the Art of Pitch Deck Design

Today, our guest is Sam Eisenberg, a seasoned entrepreneur and startup advisor who has been involved in various ventures over the years. His career and interests focus on three general trends: politics, social impact, entrepreneurship, and operations.

Building a Brand with a Strong Online Presence: Jordan Fried's Vision and Approach to Domain Names as Internet Real Estate

With years of experience in buying domain names, Jordan has gathered a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy, Talks About Owning Your Brand Online and Educating Google

Today our guest is Jason Barnard. Jason is an entrepreneur, Google expert, professional musician, screenwriter, songwriter, and a blue cartoon dog (there is more, but we’ll get to it). Jason uses the pseudonym “The Brand SERP Guy” for his professional work.

Sergey Leshchenko on Discovering Your Purpose, Running a Business During War and How His Personal Struggles Shaped His New Startup

Today our guest is Sergey Leshchenko. Sergey is a Ukrainian entrepreneur with vast experience in both his personal and professional lives. After building a number of successful ecommerce ventures, Sergey went on a personal journey trying to find his purpose. He found money for the sake of money is not it. This is how Beverly English was born.  

Names with stories: The story behind DistantJob.com

After building his first company entirely remotely through the use of freelancers and contractors, Sharon Koifman, the President of DistantJob, felt burned by the lack of culture and team cohesion. And that’s how the story of DistantJob began. In this interview for our “Names with stories” series, Sharon answered our questions about the brand name, the domain name choice, and his future plans.

50+ entrepreneurs reveal what changed after getting their best domain name

This is what we found after compiling some quotes from entrepreneurs who have shared with the public what changed after they acquired their best domain name.

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