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Communication, Branding, and Purpose: An Interview with Carrie Fox, CEO of Mission Partners
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Our guest for this episode is Carrie Fox, an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience guiding high-potential nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible corporations to achieve their greatest social impact.

Meet our guest

Name: Carrie Fox

What they do: Carrie is the founder and CEO of Mission Partner, a women-led strategic communications firm and Certified B Corporation. The company offers strategic planning and communications services to purpose-driven organisations, supporting authenticity in their messaging, equity in their strategies, and intentionality in their impact.

Interesting fact: Carrie initially believed working for a nonprofit was the only path to doing good, but during college, she realised she could run a company with a social impact, eventually leading her to start Mission Partners and become a certified B Corporation.

Where to reach them:


Carrie Fox is the founder and CEO of Mission Partner

Communication is central to everything we do. If we think about all of the ways that we have to connect with one another, whether that is to sell our products formally or to impact the world. It starts first with how we communicate one-on-one and then one-to-many. Often leaders underestimate the power of communications in driving their business.

Carrie Fox

 A great piece of advice I received a few years ago when I was writing the most recent book someone said to me was “, Are you going to have your book live on And I said, “No, I don’t think so. I think my book will live on my company website.” they wisely suggested, ‘Think about owning it, no matter what, and having it redirected to your site. It’s an extension of your brand, and you wouldn’t want someone else to take control of and use it in a way that goes against your brand.

Carrie Fox

Short overview

Carrie shares her journey of founding Mission Partners, a certified B Corporation that harnesses the power of business for positive impact. She highlights the crucial role of communication in our lives, from personal connections to broader initiatives, stressing its often underestimated yet potent influence on driving businesses forward.

As CEO of Mission Partners, Carrie works closely with nonprofit and foundation clients as their communication strategist, helping them tell their stories, manage crises, and enhance both internal and external communication.

Regarding domain names and branding, Carrie emphasises the importance of owning and managing personal and brand domain names to protect your identity and avoid potential issues. Mission Partners prioritises securing domain names early in product development to ensure creative freedom and accessibility.

When it comes to AI, Carrie raises concerns about its potential to replace human communication and connection, advocating for a balanced approach that values authentic content over poorly executed artificial content.

Highlighting common communication mistakes, Carrie notes that many people underestimate its impact, leading to misunderstandings and missed connections.

Carrie underscores the importance of a clear vision when starting a business, making decision-making more straightforward and providing a solid foundation for growth. She also discusses her book, “Adventures in Kindness,” designed to teach kindness through intentional actions to both children and adults.

Key moments

  • Social impact communications  (0:03)
  • Branding, leadership, and AI in communications (6:45)
  • The importance of authentic communication in the workplace(13:39)
  • Entrepreneurship, planning, and kindness (18:34)

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