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Unlocking E-commerce Success: Insights from Serial Entrepreneur Jesus Sotelo
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Our guest for this episode is Jesus Sotelo, a serial fintech entrepreneur and investor. Jesus is the co-founder of Moonshot Brands and Expertis, bringing his knowledge and passion to the world of e-commerce and technology.

Meet our guest

Name: Jesus Sotelo

What they do: With Moonshot Brands, Jesus’ primary focus is acquiring and transforming e-commerce businesses to revolutionise goods and services delivery, advocating for sustainable and affordable consumer experiences. Through Expertis, he leverages financial and technological innovation to solve high-impact problems, creating new economic digital models and launching ventures like a medical tech company and an online music and arts school. 

Interesting fact: Jesus grew up in a small town in the mountains of Mexico and was an avid gamer from an early age. His hometown’s lack of internet access was the reason that, at just 15 years old, his passion for gaming inspired him to build the first internet carrier in the region. This entrepreneurial spirit has since driven his ventures in internet and finance, culminating in his current role as an investor in e-commerce companies.

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Jesus Sotelo

Back in the day, when online businesses weren’t well understood, social proof was everything. It still holds weight, but now, people trust a website’s credibility and professionalism more. A well-presented site conveys care, attracting potential customers. In this context, having good domain names is crucial.

Jesus Sotelo

Consumers will always prefer brands that resonate with them, highlighting the power of a strong product and brand equity. Branding is essential as it provides a safety net, ensuring customers continue to support you even when the product may face challenges.

Jesus Sotelo

Short overview

Jesus shares his background and experience in FinTech and e-commerce. We discuss the evolution of the e-commerce sector, transitioning from the dominance of early giants like Amazon to a more complex landscape. Adapting to changing customer acquisition channels and coping with the maturity of online platforms is crucial for maintaining good margins and staying competitive.

When discussing naming and domain names, Jesus emphasises the importance of a professional and credible online presence. He highlights the significance of a well-chosen domain name in conveying care and professionalism, ultimately influencing customer engagement. Jesus contrasts this with the observation of large companies spending millions on advertising campaigns with forgettable domain names, underscoring missed opportunities for effective brand recognition and customer retention.

Jesus walks us through the standard process for buying and selling a company, pointing out the need for a healthy balance between the seller and buyer. He explains the complex process of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), highlighting the importance of trust and education among participants. Jesus believes there is a significant opportunity for the M&A space to be transformed, making it more efficient and fair for all parties involved.

When discussing branding in e-commerce and AI, Jesus shares that brands with a strong social media presence and organic traffic command higher multiples than those solely relying on PPC traffic. Statistics show that brand equity value is often worth more than physical assets in huge acquisitions.

In discussing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on various industries, including e-commerce and marketing, Jesus underscores the importance of understanding the limitations of AI. He also acknowledges the potential for AI to improve lifespan and quality of life.

Whether you’re an existing e-commerce founder or an aspiring one, Jesus invites you to reach out for potential collaboration and networking opportunities.

Key moments

  • E-commerce brands, investing, and founder perspectives. (0:05)
  • E-commerce sector changes since the early days of Amazon and Facebook. (9:22)
  • Domain names for e-commerce businesses. (14:46)
  • Buying and selling companies. (20:22)
  • Branding, e-commerce, and AI. (26:36)
  • Domain names and ecommerce brands. (36:00)

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