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From Computer Science Graduate to Fintech Founder: Meet Nicolas Van Hoorde, founder of Delta
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Today, we welcome Nicolas Van Hoorde to our show. Nicolas is a digital expert with over ten years of knowledge and expertise across various domains. He has been instrumental in launching numerous digital products for start-ups, and has a proven track record of success in this field. We are excited to learn from Nicolas and gain insights into his approach and strategies.

Meet our guest

Name: Nicolas Van Hoorde

What they do: Nicolas Van Hoorde is the founder of Delta, a consumer-focused fintech application that helps users manage and track their portfolios in real-time. The Delta app has been downloaded over 4 million times worldwide, and has become a popular choice for investors looking for powerful and intuitive tools to manage their investments.  

Fun fact: Despite his background in Computer Science, Nicolas has never actually written a line of code in his career. Instead, he has focused on designing and conceptualising digital products and managing teams, which has led to his current role as CEO of Delta. His passion and expertise in this area have contributed to the success and growth of the company.

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Nicolas Van Hoorde

Short overview

In this episode, we follow Nicolas’s journey from computer science graduate to the founder of fintech app Delta. He shares how he came up with the name Delta and why he chose the crypto space as a focus for his company. We discuss the unique features that set Delta apart from its competitors and how the company overcame challenges following the 2018 cryptocurrency market clash. In 2019, Delta was acquired by eToro, a multi-asset investment platform. Nicolas explains how the company preserved its independence and continued to thrive. As a company based in Belgium, we also discuss what it’s like to do business in Europe. Tune in to learn who can benefit from Delta’s services and what new initiatives are planned for 2023.

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