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Sam Eisenberg on the Art of Pitch Deck Design
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Today, our guest is Sam Eisenberg, a seasoned entrepreneur and startup advisor who has been involved in various ventures over the years. His career and interests focus on three general trends: politics, social impact, entrepreneurship, and operations.

Meet our guest

Name: Sam Eisenberg

What they do: Sam is a co-founder of Design for Decks, which helps entrepreneurs craft professional, head-turning pitch decks that impress investors. He is also the founder of ReadWith.Love- a voice-cloned audiobook subscription service.

Interesting fact: Sam has observed that entrepreneurs often make two common mistakes when creating their pitch deck:

  • They fail to prioritise the most significant highlights and present them in a clear and concise manner. It is crucial to keep the narrative simple and clean because the primary goal of the initial pitch is to secure a second meeting with the investor. Trying to include the entire story in the first presentation can dilute the critical points and make it difficult for the investor to follow.
  • Entrepreneurs sometimes communicate using complicated words or technical language that the audience may not understand. They may also focus on explaining features that are not crucial to the investor’s decision-making process. This can lead to confusion and misunderstandings that could hinder the success of the pitch.

Where to reach them:


One of the ground rules to secure an investment from any investor is to convince them that there is a significant problem that needs to be solved and that solving this problem is worth enough money.

Sam Eisenberg

Short overview

Sam’s company, DesignForDecks, was co-founded with the goal of helping entrepreneurs design high-quality pitch decks that could help them secure funding for their start-ups. Since its inception, the company has helped raise upwards of $2B for various high-impact start-ups and alumni of top founder communities such as Box Group, AirAngels, YCombinator, and Jefferies Group. During our discussion, we explored the reasoning behind Sam’s decision to choose a simple and straightforward brand name for his company and an exact brand match domain name. Sam shares the services offered by DesignForDecks and addresses common misconceptions about pitch decks. He also provides professional advice on what investors look for in a pitch deck and offers guidance on the ideal stage for entrepreneurs to engage DesignForDecks to achieve the best outcomes. Sam shares insights on the latest effective trends in pitch deck design and outlines his plans for several initiatives this year to support the growth and success of his brands. 

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