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Stephane Nasser on the Rapid Growth of OpenVC and How to Secure Venture Funding
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Today, we are delighted to be joined by Stephane Nasser, a functional nerd who excels at working at the intersection of these industries. With his deep knowledge and experience, Stephane brings a unique and valuable perspective to the conversation.

Meet our guest

Name: Stephane Nasser

What they do: Stephane is the founder of OpenVC, a company that provides an instant search for private funding with the goal of assisting CEOs and CFOs in finding the capital they require to grow their businesses.

Fun fact: Stephane is one of the lucky few who can work from their laptops, allowing him to carry his office with him as he travels around the world. We are fortunate to catch him in Morocco for this podcast.

Where to reach them:


Raising funds with just a pitch deck or an idea is extremely rare. Investors are typically not interested in funding your personal expenses while you build the first version of your product. Instead, they want to invest in the growth of your company. To secure funding, it’s important to have a solid plan for how you will use the capital to drive growth and generate returns for investors.

Stephane Nasser

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Stephane Nasser

Short overview

In this episode of our podcast, Stephane Nasser shares his unique journey through the corporate world and how it led him to start his own biotech business and later co-found OpenVC. He reveals the secrets behind OpenVC’s rapid growth and how the company has differentiated itself from competitors in the venture capital space.

We also delve into the process of raising funds and discuss who may be eligible for venture funding. Stephane offers valuable tips and insights for entrepreneurs looking to secure venture funding, and he shares some common mistakes to avoid when creating a pitch deck.

Additionally, Stephane talks about the importance of considering a domain name as a strategic asset for branding and marketing. He shares his insights on how a domain name can impact a company’s online presence and help to drive business growth. Tune in to learn more.

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