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Innovation, Courage, and Audio Branding: An Interview with Ruslana of VP Production
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Today, we are joined by Ruslana Kruchek, an entrepreneur from Odesa, Ukraine and co-owner of an audio agency. I am eager to hear her insights on audio branding – what it is, why it’s important, and how businesses can leverage it to their advantage.

Meet our guest

Name: Ruslana Kruchek

What they do: Ruslana is a co-founder, brand manager, and art director of VP Production,  an audio agency specialising in music composing, audio branding, sound design, and voice casting.

Fun fact: VP Production has its own happiness manager 🙂 Meet Appa the dog, responsible for a good mood, respecting working hours, and cute photos and videos.

Where to reach them:


The key to a successful audio branding strategy is to maintain consistency. As with any branding effort, repeatedly communicating the same values and messages is essential for creating a recognizable and memorable brand.

Ruslana Kruchek

Short overview

We discuss Ruslana’s background and her and her partner Vlad’s founding of VP Production, combining their respective marketing and branding, and audio production skills. We explore what makes VP Production a unique brand and the innovative approach they’ve applied to game audio creation. Ruslana talks about the challenges of supporting their team and business during the war in Ukraine. She explains audio branding, who can benefit from it, and the mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to it. We also discuss misconceptions and challenges of running a profitable audio branding business. Finally, Ruslana discusses her plans for VP Production to expand initiatives into educating not only end users, clients, and potential clients, but also audio specialists, about the importance of audio branding.

NB: Our conversation was held during air raid warnings in between massive shellings. We can only admire Ruslana and her team’s bravery and wish them strength, safety and courage during this difficult time. Stand with Ukraine💙💛

For the past nine months, we have been living in a state of war, yet I would still choose to remain here than to be in a place where we are oppressed and have no hope for the future. Every day brings its own challenges, but we still have something to hold on to – the hope for a brighter future for ourselves and our children. It is difficult, yet worth it.

Ruslana Kruchek

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