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Job Hopping, Innovative HR Solutions and the Art of Employer Branding with Julie Bishop
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Today, we are pleased to have Julie Bishop as our guest. With a diverse background in entrepreneurship, Julie has a unique perspective on employer branding and social recruiting. She started the first eco-friendly cleaning business in the UK, and her experience in this field has helped shape her approach to recruiting and talent acquisition. In our discussion, we will be exploring the services offered by JobHop, Julie’s latest venture, and how the company is helping employers connect with top talent in today’s market.

Meet our guest

Name: Julie Bishop

What they do: Julie’s most recent venture is JobHop, an online platform that connects employees with great companies.

Fun fact: Space Hopper can be found in many places throughout JobHop’s branding, including its logo because it perfectly represents the company’s vision of being fun while also motivating people not to be afraid to take a leap toward new opportunities.

Where to reach them:

When it comes to employer branding, if you had a bad experience with an interview as a candidate in the past, you might have told your family or close circle, but now you’ll tell everyone. You could go online and tell thousands of people, which would be damaging to an employer’s brand. Employers have to realise the importance of proper communication.

Julie Bishop

Short overview

In today’s conversation, we will be exploring the origins and mission of JobHop. From the naming process to the company’s core message, we will learn how Julie came up with the idea for this innovative recruiting platform. We will also discuss the importance of job hopping and the benefits of trying new things professionally. Additionally, we will delve into the evolving landscape of HR and the impact of the pandemic on the field. Julie will outline the services offered by JobHop and provide insight into their typical customers.

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