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HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast Host, Chad Sowash on Branding, Naming, HR Dos and Don'ts and Much More
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Today our guest is Chad Sowash, who has a background in the military and in HR, and is presently half of the Chad & Cheese podcast, aka HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast.

Meet our guest

Name: Chad Sowash

What they do: Chad and team are “punching the recruiting industry right where it hurts”, bringing breaking news in HR, as well as consistently working on showing the world that human resources are not (and should not) be boring, and are essential to every organization.

Fun fact: Chad’s family name is of French origin and was originally “Sauvage”, which translates to “wild” in English. His ancestors had an issue with the name spelling and pronunciation so eventually it got changed to Sowash, which is how sauvage sounds like in French🤷

Where to reach them:


Domains are the most important thing when you’re trying to do something on a scale, especially with podcasting, which is digital, and you want to have that digital presence.

Chad Sowash

Branding has gone wrong where we try to be for everybody. And that doesn’t exist because when you try to be for everybody, you become something for nobody.

Chad Sowash

Short overview

Are you interested in how Chad got from the military through HR and onto the famous Chad & Cheese podcast? It’s a long and exciting journey, and Chad is here to tell us all about it. 

We talk about why Chad and his podcast partner Joel Cheesman decided to put their names together to create a brand name. They have invested in both and domain names. We talk about how having a consistent brand and one that is respectful of their audience’s time is important.

Chad and Joel have labeled their podcast HR’s most dangerous one, and we can’t miss the opportunity to ask, “Why?”. Chad & Cheese podcast has been around for several years and has managed to attract a loyal fan base and global recognition; Chad shares his recipe for success and some mistakes to avoid. 

Have you wondered, “How do we scale for revenue growth?” Listen, and you may find some answers.

Chad shares his views on wage and position inequality and his way to solve the problem through transparency. Wondering if Chad & Cheese can help Your brand out? Stay with us till the end to find out.

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