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Coingaming Group Rebrands as Yolo Group to Reflect Disruptive Nature Across Diverse Sectors
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 2 min read

The Coingaming Group has rebranded as the Yolo Group to reflect its status as a disruptor across gaming and fintech. The new brand will also help create synergy throughout the group, which comprises Yolo Investments, Yolo Entertainment, Yolo Finance, Yolo Ventures and Yolo Tech. Yolo Group CEO Maarja Pärt said the name change better represented the business’s vision, its people and its future plans.

I’m both excited and proud to announce that we are rebranding to Yolo Group with a new identity for a company always looking to the future. The Coingaming brand served us well for many years, but as disruptors in industries beyond gaming, we felt Yolo Group better represented our people, our business and our vision. Yolo Group is about bringing next-level innovation to gaming, fintech, blockchain and many more sectors, all the while ensuring our customers are kept at the centre of the universe. You only live once and that’s why we don’t settle for anything less.

Maarja Pärt, CEO of Yolo Group

The brand initially launched on and has also invested in an exact brand match domain – Having a domain name that matches the company’s brand can make it easier for customers to find and interact with the business online, and it can also help to establish the company’s credibility and professional image. Securing also prevents other businesses or individuals from using it, protecting the Yolo Group’s brand for the future, and preventing confusion or misrepresentation and making the brand’s marketing more effective. is a CVCV domain (stands for consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel), a valuable asset as they tend to be easy to remember and pronounce.

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