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Advisor Group Rebrands to Osaic, A Unified Wealth Management Brand
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

In June 2023, Advisor Group, one of America’s largest providers of wealth management solutions, unveiled its new identity as Osaic. The rebrand consolidates its eight distinct wealth management firms into a single unified brand. The integration under the Osaic umbrella is designed to enhance service delivery to financial professionals by providing comprehensive access to the firm’s extensive capabilities and expertise. The streamlined business model promises reduced complexity through a unified platform, technology, procedures, and support system.

We are excited to announce our new brand and believe it truly pulls together our culture, community, experience, and diversity of thought into one inspiring story. It’s the perfect confluence of everything we are today and everything we plan to become in the future. We developed the Osaic brand for the advisors we serve today and those we will serve tomorrow. It was also built with their end-clients in mind, because we know they are who matter most to our advisors, and when they thrive, we all thrive.

Jamie Price, President & CEO, Osaic

Jen Roche, the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications, revealed to ThinkAdvisor that Osaic’s name is inspired by ‘mosaic’, representing the coming together of various elements to form something new and beautiful. This mirrors the firm’s composition, uniting different companies into one. The removal of ‘m’ from ‘mosaic’ was made to underscore the company’s unique character.

The word Osaic is a coined word, and it is uniquely ours, but the brand is about more than just the name of the company. We developed the name, the visual identity and the brand platform to reflect our values, our heritage and our bold vision for the future.

Jen Roche, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications of Osaic for ThinkAdvisor

In line with its rebrand, Osaic acquired the exact brand match domain, reinforcing its new identity and making it easy to market. This enhances user experience, positioning Osaic to broaden its influence and more effectively communicate its unified brand message.

In June 2023, Advisor Group, one of America's largest providers of wealth management solutions, rebranded to Osaic.

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