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Why PR Matters: Expert Advice for Branding Success with Jay Jay from Whitefriar 
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Our guest for this episode is Jay Jay, the founder of Ace of Spades PR, co-founder of Whitefriar Media, owner of REDx Magazine, and a renowned PR specialist known for his client-centric approach.

Meet our guest

Name: Jay Jay

What they do: Jay Jay specialises in helping startups, brands, and companies secure high-tier press coverage and elevate their authority in the industry.

Interesting fact: In his early years in show business, Jay Jay was a magician, entertaining audiences worldwide and enhancing business and corporate events with his vibrant and energetic performances. His transition from entertainment to public speaking eventually led him to establish Whitefriar, a PR and Media tech company. This shift was motivated by his recognition of the significant impact of media exposure, enabling him to assist talented entrepreneurs in gaining visibility and recognition within the highly competitive business landscape.

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Jay Jay, the founder of Ace of Spades PR, co-founder of Whitefriar Media, owner of REDx Magazine, and a renowned PR specialist

PR is essential for businesses that aim to grow, establish trust, and stand out in competitive markets. It provides the social proof and credibility needed to confirm that you are the go-to choice in the marketplace.

Jay Jay

People want to get to know the person behind the company. People buy from people. When a CEO shares their story, values, and passion, it creates a connection that goes beyond the product. People now realise that being a thought leader and putting themselves out there is essential for building trust and expanding their reach, often leading to opportunities beyond their primary business.

Jay Jay

People don’t have time; they’re juggling a million things, from picking up their kids to working out at the gym, and the harder you make it for them to get to know you, the more challenging it becomes. That’s why it’s crucial to have professionals who can provide strategic guidance.

Jay Jay

Short overview

We start with Jay Jay’s background, starting from his involvement in show business and magic, where he gained recognition on television and garnered millions of online views. We explore the origins of Whitefriar, an innovative and budget-friendly PR and media distribution platform, and how the founders chose its distinctive and memorable name. He emphasises the importance of selecting a brand name that aligns with a company’s values and offerings.

Jay Jay offers valuable insights into Whitefriar’s core values and underscores the critical role of PR agencies in achieving business success. The conversation shifts towards personal branding and the rise of thought leadership in the corporate world. Jay Jay highlights the increasing demand for transparency, with people eager to connect with the individuals steering companies.

Our discussion expands on the significance of leveraging various media platforms to broaden one’s reach and establish a consistent brand identity. Jay Jay’s expertise shines as he explores PR strategies for sustained long-term success. He advises caution when considering changes to brand identities, as these decisions can impact a company’s reputation and stock performance.

Building trust and a strong reputation emerge as central themes at the end of our conversation, illustrated through examples of influential entrepreneurs like Richard Branson. Jay Jay explains how consumers often prefer familiar and trusted brands, valuing reliability and convenience.

Looking ahead to AI and PR trends in 2023, Jay Jay highlights the complementary role of AI as a tool rather than a replacement for human connection. He advocates for the effective use of AI to streamline processes and enhance business operations.

Key moments

  • Entrepreneurship, media distribution, and tech company Whitefriar. (0:03)
  • Naming a company with unique and memorable names. (2:32)
  • PR services for businesses and entrepreneurs. (8:13)
  • Personal branding and thought business leadership. (13:39)
  • Leveraging thought leadership for business growth. (16:51)
  • PR, reputation, and showcasing oneself authentically. (22:39)
  • PR strategy and brand building for long-term success. (28:21)
  • Building trust and reputation in business. (33:22)
  • Brand loyalty and justifications. (36:05)
  • AI, media, and PR trends in 2023. (41:13)
  • Branding and online presence for entrepreneurs. (46:26)

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