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Spill Raises $2 Million and Upgrades to for Its Next Growth Phase
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Spill is “a next-generation social platform that puts culture first,” as its founders Alphonso “Fonz” Terrell and De Varys Brown, ex-Twitter employees, call it. Their journey began on their first day at Twitter, where they quickly bonded as the only Black guys in their team. This initial connection grew into a business partnership, leading to the creation of their own social media platform.

Having worked at Twitter, I was very familiar with where the challenges of that platform were. Our core thesis with Spill was to focus on the culture drivers — Black women, the queer community, other culture-driving communities around the world that are often setting the tone, the trends, the lexicon, all the amazing magic that will happen on social platforms, but getting the lion’s share of hate, abuse [and] not getting credited or rewarded the way they should for their contributions.

Alphonso “Fonz” Terrell, CEO and Co-founder of Spill

The company name “Spill” is inspired by the popular phrase “spill the tea,” commonly used to refer to sharing gossip or interesting news.

In November 2023, Spill raised a $2 million pre-seed funding round. The company also appears to have upgraded its original domain to the exact brand match domain, Hyphens are often used in two-word or added-word company names when a company must compromise its domain name. This can lead to user confusion, traffic and email leaks, security risks, and ineffective advertising. 

Choosing an exact brand match .com domain increases the company’s authority and helps prevent confusion, ensuring that users and communications find their way to the right destination. Adopting is a strategic move that will allow the business to expand its reach and communicate its message more effectively.

Spill has raised a $2 million funding round and has upgraded its original domain to the exact brand match domain,

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