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How to Build Trust for your Brand and Open New Online Sales Opportunities
By SmartBranding Team access_time 4 min read

In the past years, the world has been increasingly shifting to the digital landscape. Just in 2019, the global penetration rate for social media was 49%, according to Statista. On average, people spend 144 minutes per day on their social media networks, and in 2020, with a global pandemic hitting every single corner of the planet and pushing people into their homes, naturally, these numbers went up. This July, the global penetration rate for social media reached 51%, meaning that more than half the total population is using their social profiles.

With so many people hanging out online, it’s no wonder that brands are increasing their efforts to capture the consumers’ attention and make them choose their products or services over their competitors’. The pandemic has clearly impacted online shopping trends and the behavior of customers in a way that apparently will stick even after COVID-19 is over, so brands need to up their game if they want to succeed and profit from new sales opportunities.

Trust: The pillar that sustains your brand

How to Build Brand Trust

You can try every tactic, plan, or marketing strategy to make your brand succeed online. Most of them will work, but without trust, your brand won’t go far. And gaining people’s trust is not an easy undertaking, it takes time, effort, and commitment. Let’s explore some ideas that could help you build confidence in your brand:

A Strong Online Presence

Only last year, 90% of customers used the Internet to find local businesses. As a brand, you need to be available for your potential customers, be easy to find, to remember, and impossible to ignore. And how do you make that first impression memorable? By having a strong online presence, starting with a website with the right domain name, to your social media profiles (yes, would be great if you also try to get matching handles). A good domain name not only will bring credibility and authority to your brand, it will also make you look professional and help you develop your reputation as time goes by.


Your brand needs to be where your potential customers are, whether it is a live event, a social network, an online community, or your website. You should promote and encourage interaction with your customers, by answering any questions they might have or offering a customer support platform to collect their opinion, to name some ideas. And, as important as listening is, you also need to respond, with tangible actions, to your customer’s inquiries.

How to Build Brand Trust


A trustworthy brand needs to be honest about work practices, values, company culture, and interests. You should be able to show your customers that you have nothing to be afraid of and to share with them the attributes that make you unique. A transparency practice that many avoid but helps build a brand’s reputation is responding to negative reviews or criticism. Your disposition to respond and act upon mistakes not only will impact positively your overall reputation, it will help you build and develop constructive long-term relationships with your customers.


This past decade has shown us that people are not interested in interacting with detached brands that are incapable of relating on a human level with customers. If you are looking to gain their trust, you need to show your human side, establish an emotional connection based on shared values or interests. Give your brand a voice that’s unique and authentic, a personality that will resonate with customers and transcend the business mindset, creating experiences that will make them come back for more, make them feel appreciated and engaged.


A trusted brand always delivers consistency, not only in their messaging but also regarding the experiences they provide to customers. Consider developing brand guidelines that will enable your team to communicate respecting your brand identity, adhering to your values, culture, and tone. Being consistent with your brand will lead to recognition and winning the trust of your audience. Don’t fall into the temptation of imitating other brand’s voices or initiatives, just because they are attractive and creative.

How to Build Brand Trust

How do you build trust with your audience? If you have any questions, need any help, or just want to chat with someone, book a free consultation at MarkUpgrade, we are always happy to hear from you.