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Saving Lives and Simplifying Care: Dr. David Bessler's Vision for Veterinary Emergency Medicine and Innovation at VEG
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Our guest for this episode is Dr. David Bessler. As a career emergency veterinarian since 2003, David has a passion for helping people and their pets when they need it most. We will talk about emergency veterinary medicine and patient care, branding and marketing strategies, AI, creativity, the future of veterinarians and more.

Meet our guest

Name: Dr. David Bessler

What they do: Along with VEG co-founder David Glattstein and a dedicated team, Dr. Bessler created the VEG experience, where they put people and pets first. Customers are met at the door, and that door is open 24/7, even on holidays.

Interesting fact: David started his career as an emergency veterinarian and was deeply fulfilled by helping people and their pets during critical times. About a decade ago, he took a unique approach by opening a small nights and weekends veterinary emergency clinic, which he decided to run very differently from the traditional methods of emergency veterinary medicine. This innovative approach resonated with both employees and clients, leading to significant success. Over the years, his business has grown substantially, expanding from two emergency hospitals to an impressive 64 hospitals across 21 states in the United States, with a team of 4,000 employees.

Where to reach them:


Dr. David Bessler VEG

The concept is straightforward. Even if you’re not actively searching, remembering ‘Veg’ or ‘Veterinary Emergency Group’ will effortlessly lead you to our website. Initially, we used ‘veg.vets,’ which caused confusion. This is the challenge with alternative extensions. People will go to the, and if you don’t own that, it’s a problem. And so we bought We own that. Now, when I run into people, I tell them my email is super easy. I’m David, this is Veg, it’s And that makes it a lot easier. has a lot to type out.

Dr. David Bessler

Success relies on hiring the right people, guiding them, motivating them, and letting them excel independently.

Dr. David Bessler

Short overview

David shares his personal journey and the founding of VEG. We explore the brand name’s origins and the domain’s evolution over time. David sheds light on the significance of the company’s logo, which features a life-filled pot with a paw print at its centre, symbolising veterinary emergency care. He underscores the value of straightforward, easy-to-remember domain names like in simplifying customers’ lives. Our conversation shifts to the VEG team, a cornerstone of the company’s success. David emphasises their commitment to leveraging technology, processes, and a people-centric culture to enhance employee experiences and, in turn, customer satisfaction.

We look closer at managing a veterinary clinic’s culture and workforce. VEG places a premium on employee well-being and fosters a unique company culture, encapsulated in a 300-page manifesto that guides its internal branding and marketing. David emphasises the importance of treating colleagues with kindness and respect.

Our discussion transitions to a technological focus as we explore VEG’s innovative approach to healthcare. David shares insights into their client self-check-in process, streamlining information collection, and their embrace of artificial intelligence, including chatbots, to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

Looking ahead, David shares his excitement about expanding VEG’s footprint across the United States and potentially beyond, proudly wearing their brand everywhere and encouraging people to share their own experiences.

Key moments

  • Emergency veterinary medicine and patient care. (0:03)
  • Branding and marketing strategies for a veterinary emergency room. (6:07)
  • Simplifying domain names for emergency veterinary services. (11:42)
  • Managing a veterinary clinic’s culture and employees. (16:07)
  • Veterinary care and technology. (21:15)
  • Leveraging technology and AI in healthcare. (26:56)
  • AI, creativity, and the future of veterinarians. (31:28)
  • Emergency veterinary medicine and its rewards. (35:40)

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