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Top Pet Tech Brands and Their Domain Choices
By Monica Stankova access_time 8 min read


The advancement of technology has altered life for humans and their animal companions. The past ten years have seen a digital revolution in pet care. Technology is making it easier for pet owners to take care of and enjoy the company of their four-legged companions in various ways, including locating pet sitters, aiding dogs with separation anxiety, and seeking medical services via a mobile device.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France

Pet Tech is the term referring to the use of technology in the pet industry to improve their health, welfare, supervision, and security. The industry has grown rapidly in the last decade due to an increase in pet ownership and the growing popularity of online shopping.

Pet owners are not only interested in their pet’s basic needs – they also want toys, clothes, and many other accessories and services. The pet tech industry is not limited to just selling products but also services such as grooming, boarding, training, and veterinary care. One of the most recent trends in the pet industry is the development of new technologies and devices for pets. These devices range from activity trackers for dogs to GPS collars for cats.

Rising per capita income and increasing pet adoptions are leading to increased pet care spending which will continue to drive the market. According to Global Market Insights, the size of the pet tech market is expected to cross $20 billion by 2028.

pet tech market, Global Market Insights
Global Market Insights

The pet tech industry is booming. We can see this in the increase in pet-related apps, products, and services introduced to the market. There is a variety of pet tech innovations out there, and here we will look at their naming choices.



Founded in 2017, Wagmo is a leading pet care company that offers digital pet wellness services and insurance for a monthly charge.

Pet parenting is expensive and pet insurance is confusing– that’s why we built Wagmo. Whether you need a little help, a lot of help, or know exactly what you need, Wagmo is here for you.

Christie Horvath & Alison Foxworth, Wagmo founders

The company owns the exact brand match domain, which redirects to suggesting the brand originally launched on the .io country extension, and later on secured the .com. A good domain strategy is imperative for any business serious about maintaining a consistent and strong brand presence.

Wagmo is a leading pet care company


Founded in 2016, Fuzzy is a leading digital pet care company that offers subscription-based 24/7 online veterinary exams from a team of licensed, on-staff pet health experts.

We believe the industry has to find new ways to address the strain on veterinarians and use technology to deliver care efficiently, where possible. Fuzzy is making it possible for veterinary clinics to free up their schedules and use their time more productively.

Zubin Bhettay, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuzzy

In November 2021, the company closed $44M in a Series C round led by Icon Ventures, raising a total of $80.5M in funding over five rounds. Fuzzy acquired custom pet supplement company Dandy and expanded its leadership team on May 5th this year.

The company initially launched on a domain name and upgraded to Many brands start on compromise names and invest in their exact brand match .com at a later stage of development. It’s the natural choice of most internet users globally, and securing that domain for their business gives them a significant advantage in the highly competitive and growing pet tech market.

Fuzzy is a leading digital pet care company


Founded in 2012, Tractive is an Austria-based company that develops GPS-tracking devices designed for dogs and cats.

We designed Tractive to deliver the best possible experience, withup-to-the-secondd information so that all pet parents can care for their dogs and cats the way they want and deserve– whether that means monitoring activity levels to reduce the risk of obesity or tracking a dog or cat that slipped out of the garden.

Michael Hurnaus, Co-Founder and CEO of Tractive

Tractive has secured an exact brand match domain name for their brand – Tractive seems to be a creative and unique combination of the words Tracking and Active – two concepts essential to the company. Obtaining a short and memorable .com domain name is a critical first step in the process of building a worldwide brand. For a startup, it clearly communicates a long-term vision and ambitions, which is a strong signal for investors and first-time customers.

Tractive is an Austria-based company that develops GPS-tracking devices designed for dogs and cats.


PrettyLitter is an American pet wellness company that produces the World’s smartest cat litter, which changes color to monitor your cat’s health. Daniel Rotman founded PrettyLitter in 2015. After Rotman’s cat Gingi passed away, he realized there were no at-home tools to assist in identifying possible health concerns in cats, which inspired the idea of PrettyLitter.

PrettyLitter is created to give cat parents a proactive tool into their cat’s health and peace of mind knowing through early detection if your cat is experiencing a potential health issue.

Daniel Rotman, Founder & CEO of PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter has a domain name that exactly matches their brand name – Most successful global brands operate on similar names that communicate trust and authority.

PrettyLitter is an American pet wellness company

Butternut Box

Butternut Box is a London-based leading fresh pet food brand. Customers at Butternut Box enjoy a new category of fresh, healthy dog food with quality products, convenience, and affordability thanks to the company’s highly personalized nutritional offering and digital strategy.

Butternut is driven by our founding purpose of delivering health and happiness to dogs and their humans all over the world.

 Kevin Glynn, Co-Founder of Butternut Box is the domain name this startup has chosen to operate on; it perfectly matches their brand name, and the .com extension is what visitors intuitively lean towards when typing a web address.

Butternut Box is a London-based leading fresh pet food brand.


Founded in 2019, Pawp is the premier veterinary telehealth platform that provides pet parents 24/7 access to quality vet care.

We founded Pawp to democratize pet care. Our approach is uniquely attractive to pet parents, offering one affordable plan that covers every dog and cat in the family. Our first-of-its-kind solution marries the power and accessibility of 24/7 telehealth with the guarantee of financial security, providing pet parents with some well-deserved peace of mind.

Marc Atiyeh, Founder and CEO of Pawp

The company operates in the exact brand match domain name – This ensures Pawp’s brand is well protected online, avoids traffic and email leaks and confusion amongst their customers and business partners.

Pawp is the premier veterinary telehealth platform


Petcube is a developer of interactive camera devices enabling pet owners to watch, talk and interact with their pets through their smartphones.

We’ve got the internet, smartphones, and self-driving cars. Yet our pets are still chewing the same toys as 20 years ago. With a lot of passion for pets and technology, we founded Petcube in 2012, to create pet products for the XXI century.


The company was founded in 2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine by Alex Neskin, Andrey Klen, and Yaroslav Azhnyuk. Petcube is featured in our list of 100 Ukrainian Brands to Know and Support. is the domain name the company uses, and it perfectly encapsulates both its worldwide aspirations and its vision for the future.

Petcube is a developer of interactive camera devices


.com extension is the preferred choice among the companies on our list, with 105 out of 120 securing a .com domain name for their online presence. Customers naturally tend to trust .com as it has dominated the internet for decades.

2 companies operate on .io, and 3 have chosen the .co extensions. Country domain codes offer more freedom of choice but come with certain risks.

Top Pet Tech Brands

88 companies out of 120 secured exact brand match domain names for their brand presence online. An exact brand match .com name is the natural choice for most internet users, making any brand’s marketing most effective across all channels.

Top Pet Tech Brands

2 companies use a dash in their domains. Adding hyphens is not advised since it adds complexity for consumers who frequently overlook it while typing in a domain name.

Top Pet Tech Brands

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