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Top Pet Tech Brands and Their Domain Choices

The advancement of technology has altered life for humans and their animal companions. The past ten years have seen a digital revolution in pet care. Technology is making it easier for pet owners to take care of and enjoy the company of their four-legged companions in various ways, including locating pet sitters, aiding dogs with separation anxiety, and seeking medical services via a mobile device.

Top Cannabis Companies in the USA and Their Domain Choices

As cannabis rapidly became a mainstream product, many companies have focused on building strong brands and enhancing their marketing strategies.

How to bring positive change with advertising?

In this interview for Mark Upgrade, Paco Conde from Activista explains how the idea for Mars Sucks was born and executed.

How to measure the ROI of a brand?

You know brand and branding are important but not sure how exactly? Let’s look at some facts and numbers on the ROI of a brand. Upgrades to

UrbanCompass rebranded to simply Compass and secured the exact match brand domain name. Find out the reasoning for the brand upgrade.

Learn from the best: Bob Iger on branding

Needless to say, if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about brands and branding, it is Bob Iger. Here are some highlights on the topic of brands and branding that we find invaluable and relevant to our audience.

How did 2020 affect brands and branding

Here we will take a broader look at how this (crazy) year has affected brands and branding and what it potentially means in the long run.

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