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Magma Studio Makes a Statement and Brings New Solutions to Market With a Rebrand to
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

Magma Studio, an online platform for cooperation, shortened its brand name to Magma to eliminate restrictions and better reflect its mission. The platform is helping brands across industries such as game development, animation, films, comic creators, design, and other creative enterprises.

We want to reflect on the fact that we are so much more than a studio or just a tool to draw together, we’re an inspiring platform where creatives meet, ideas are born, and amazing communities are created.

Magma team

Along with the rebrand, Magma also announced the launch of Artspaces, a new community platform where artists can meet, work and create together more efficiently.

Magma Studio initially launched on the .io domain extension, a common choice among technology start-up firms. With the rebrand, they switched to the shorter and more memorable –, and without question, marked a significant turning point in the company’s expansion plan.

Damian Kaczmarek, CEO of Magma, announced the acquisition of the domain name on social networks.

With the launch of the new branding, website and the new domain we’re here to make a statement about bringing new art collaboration solutions to professionals and businesses from across the creative industries gamedev animation conceptart advertising and alike.

Damian Kaczmarek, CEO of Magma

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