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From to Embracing a Wider Scope in Wellness Solutions
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of Michael Garrett’s floating spa in March 2020, he used his free time to research the market for cold plunges, only to discover their exorbitant cost. This inspired Michael and his father to join forces in a quest to develop a more cost-effective alternative. After many trials and tweaks, they created Plunge. The venture took a significant leap forward with the entry of Ryan Duey, Michael’s friend and now co-founder. Starting from building the initial 20 units in Michael’s garage, they have expanded to a factory in Sacramento, shipping their innovative Plunge units worldwide.

After a period of growth and development, including the addition of a sauna to their product line, the company’s transition from the restrictive domain to the more encompassing is a strategic and timely move. This change reflects the brand’s evolution from being perceived as solely a Cold Plunge producer to a more versatile wellness brand. 

We also began taking pre-orders on our sauna, so we’re no longer just a cold plunge company. We’re Plunge, and the brand is around products that create resilience. So big picture, there are new products and new categories that we’ll be rolling out.

Michael Garrett, Co-founder of Plunge

The new domain,, eliminates previous limitations, streamlining the brand’s online identity and making it more accessible and memorable to a broader customer base. Acquiring is a clear indication of the company’s growth and maturity, signalling its readiness to expand its reach and solidify its standing in a fastly evolving and growing marketplace.

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